Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 Angry Men

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Q. Describe the most important moment in your text. Explain why this moment was important.

In the play Twelve Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, the most important moment comes at the end of Act 1. IN this part of the text, the third and eight jurors real characters come out. Here, the rd Juror loses his cool and lunges at the 8th Jurorwhile yelling Ill kill him, Ill kill him! The 8th Juror simply stands his ground and says You dont really mean youll kill me, do you? Before this event happens, both the third and the eighth juror are locked in conflict over the fact that the third juror perceives that he is the young accuseds executioner. Once the third juror lunges at the eighth, the fifth and sixth hold the third juror back as he yells curses towards the eighth juror.

This part of the text is important to the play as a whole because it helps the eighth juror to dismiss a witnesses testimony. The eighth Jurors arguement was that although an old man heard the boy threatening to kill his father, that people use this phrase often when they dont use it and so the old mans testimony cannot be used as prosecuting evidence. The Third Juror argued that when people say Ill kill you! They dont actually mean it. The Third Juror proved himself wrong when he lunged at the Eighth while yelling this exact same thing. This scene is also important because it helps to illustrate the real characters of the Third and Eighth Jurors. While the Third Juror loses his cool and snaps, the Eighth cooly and calmly stands his ground while being verbally abused. This shows how mentally strong the Eighth Juror was.

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