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American Growth

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Tonya Jones October ,00

History 10


America began a growing period after the Civil War that stretched from the east coast to the west coast and from our Canadian boarder country to the boundaries of Texas and Mexico.

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Within the outline of this country we began to notice a movement of grand economic proportions. Citizens of this country, rich and poor, put their ideas and money into inventions that forever changed what is known now as an industrial empire.

Among the changes that occurred first was the loyalty oath that newly regained citizens had to take. This annunciated the laws that were written to protect them and gave respect back to the nation that the south had strayed away from. Now that all was forgiven, white southern men were given their right to vote back. Also, with the fifteenth amendment blacks were given freedom and political rights. However, with stern qualifications and poll taxes most black men were unable to meet requirements that allowed them vote. Inevitably, reconstruction steadily began to emerge and many of the former slaves had much influence over political matters.

Reconstruction was underway and freedoms were due, now people were ready to move on and prosperously grow once again. First and foremost, the need for money was beginning to place an high importance to the men and families that live in this country so ideas were put into action. Many people were skeptical yet also amazed when the idea of an railroad was set into motion. This would not only give jobs and a few years of security to some families but also give our country the economical boast that it needed. With the rail road not only would travel from west to east become easier but also give the farmers and other business a way to transport their products to other areas around the country. With the formation

of the railroads many new towns and companies began to emerge from New York to California. The biggest contributor to the railroad and the nations stabilizer J.P. Morgan emerged. Morgan and company controlled eight of the nations railroads. At this point in time, the railroad is considered the nations first big business and indeed it was.

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