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Angela's Ashes

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The Civil Right Act of 164 was established to stop discrimination. Believe it or not, discrimination is one of the biggest problems that the world faces today. In the United States, discrimination is a very big problem these days. There are many kinds of discrimination age, sex, appearance and many others. In the following lines I will explain how discrimination could change your life.

Discrimination begins when a group of people thinks they are better than another group of people. In my life, discrimination had only hurt one person in my family. My aunts live in Santo Domingo where she once was a secretary at a bank. In that bank where my aunt used to work men got paid more than women. Her boss was always telling her that a woman does not need as much money as a man. My aunt told me that her boss what the kind of man that believed a man should be the boss in the family and that women should listen to them. Carmen try to change his opinion a little bit, but she couldnt so she decides to quit. It was a very unpleasant experience for her and my family.

School is another place where you could face discrimination. One of my best friends had a very bad experience at school with discrimination. Her name is Eridania Gonzalez and this incident occurs at her high school. There was a volleyball game at her school gym. In the middle of a game at her school some kids from the back sit started hitting the bench so hard that Eridania got hurt. One of the kids hit Eridania so, she hit him back and everybody stated to yell, “Fight”. Eridania and the other kid where taken to the principal’s office. Eridania did not spoke English well so, when she spoke to the principal in Spanish he didnt paid any attention and ask his assistant to call her mother and tell what happen and give Eridania detention. As for the boy, he told the principal his story and he wasnt punished at all. Eridania mother couldnt do anything because she didnt spoke English, either. The principal didnt want a lot of trouble so he decides to fix the problem his way.

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Another type of discrimination is SIZE discrimination. Why? Because my little sister is under 5 feet tall and she is discriminated a lot for her size. For example, at amusement parks there are some rides she cant go on because she dont reach a line on a wall; sometimes she’s treated like a little girl because She looks small; and sometimes people think she is a nd grader when she is really 11-years-old and in the 6th grade. All in all discrimination in any form is wrong.

A discrimination free world does not exist, but one can reduce the degree of discrimination. To escape from discrimination, or to seek justice, a person must be aware of his/her rights.

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