Friday, April 15, 2011

the box social

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In “The Box Social” the protagonist is Sylvia and the antagonist is the man, who

we don’t have a name for. Sylvia lives with her aunt and father, in the house she had been

given the role to do housework. Sylvia is a very complex person who is insecure with

herself and cant control her actions. We know this because she slept with a man and got

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pregnant, she then gave birth to a stillborn child and decided to wrap it up in a newspaper

and give it to the man who got her pregnant. Sylvia does not have a mother and is ignored

by her aunt and father (“Neither her aunt nor father wished to go” line 6-7), because of

this Sylvia is in search for a person who will love and care for her this is why she got

involved with the man she now hates. The man in this story is naive and strong. He thinks

Sylvia has forgiven him for sleeping with her just because she used green wallpaper he

would recognize for the box. Once the man opened the box he no longer appeared as a

strong person but a fearful one (“his great hands unusually white on the top of the green

baize card table” line 64-65) because he saw the child wrapped in the bloody newspaper.

Sylvia and the man have a relationship that was based on insecurity and opportunity. The

man took advantage of Sylvia’s insecurities, which lead to changes and conflict in her

life. I think the outcome happened as it did because Sylvia was insecure with

herself, which gave the man the opportunity to take advantage of her feelings and sleep

with her. I don’t think anyone knew Sylvia was pregnant because she wasn’t showing and

during the three weeks she was very sick the baby was dying. I think she gave birth to a

premature baby after three weeks of being sick, this made her very upset and even more

unstable, mentally. After this final event I think Sylvia wanted to pass her pain and agony

to another person and she thought she would be able to do this by giving the dead baby

to the man who helped make the child.


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