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Country Living Verses City Living

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July 15, 00

Comp. I

Country Living

Custom Essays on Country Living Verses City Living

I have lived in the country the majority of my life. When I was growing up, I thought I would enjoy living in town. Therefore, after growing up and getting married, I tried living in town the first year I was married, but I hated it. I knew right away that the town life was not for me. I enjoy living in the country because of its peacefulness, privacy, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds my home.

I find that living in the country is a peaceful place for my family and me. We have no real close neighbors that live around us; the closest neighbor is about one-half a mile from our place. So therefore, we do not have to hear the slamming of car doors, loud music playing all night long, nor do we hear vehicles running up and down the street through out the night. Our children are able to play outside without fighting with other children. I hope that I never have to move from the peaceful country life that I have grown to love.

In the country, a person has privacy, which is very important to me. I can go outside in my nightclothes and I do not have to worry about someone seeing me. My children have a big yard they can play in or ride their bikes on and I do not have to worry about them getting on someone else’s property. Another important detail to me is when I get home I have easy access to my driveway; I do not have any unusual automobiles blocking my driveway at night. Another thing is I do not have a bunch of nosy neighbors that know who is at my house before I know; there is no one glaring out his or her windows to see who is at my house. So therefore, I feel that living in the country a person could have plenty of privacy.

I love the gorgeous scenery that I see each morning when I wake up. No matter what the season is Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall I find that the countryside to have a ravishing scenery all year round. In the summer, one can see all the beautiful trees that are fully bloomed. Summer is the best time of the year to see the wildlife with their young. In the spring of the year, I love to drive out through the country and see all the beautiful flowers in bloom, especially the wild flowers that grow along the side of the road. Wintertime in the country is very beautiful. I love to look outside after a snowfall and see the snow hanging from the trees. There is nothing more eye-catching than to look outside after an ice storm and see the icicles hanging from the pine trees across the road. However, the countryside is at its full beauty in the fall of the year. With all the extravagant fall colors, that one can see along side a country road is one of the most lavishing sights a person could see. The gem tone colors that take place during the fall season along the country road or and old river is one of the most beautiful sight a person will experience in their lifetime.

I hope that everyone finds our rural area as beautiful as I do. I find that the country life to be very peaceful as well as having plenty of privacy and one will not find this beauty anywhere else. I am glad that I am raising my children in the country where they can play, scream, and ride their bikes without disturbing anybody else.

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