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I think the best leader that exemplifies courage is John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco Systems. John Chambers might not have saved someone’s life or rescued someone from something but courage comes in all types of ways, shapes, and forms. Maybe John doesn’t have the most courage overall compared to the other leaders but what won over me and made me pick him is his “treat others like you want to be treated” attitude. How even though he’s a multi-millionaire he treats all his employees same, he puts his employees first, he treats himself in the same way he treats his employees, like how his office is no bigger than anyone else’s and how he gives out candy and ice cream at work. Just to name two of his many awards he has received “Best Boss in America 000”, “No.1 Best employer 00”. I think courage comes from the heart and when I see a man that almost cries about laying people off it makes me think about how much I would like to be an employee of his or how I would treat people that I employ.

Again I think that the leader that best exemplifies having and communicating a compelling vision is John Chambers. John Chambers is open to communication with everybody, he listens first then goes about his answer, he knows what he wants and has the values and motivation needed to inspire others to achieve what needs to be done to make a healthy and prosperous business. His visions are committed to achievement , working through problems and innovative.

All these leaders have compassion, motivation, and values associated with good insights about leadership. They all like to challenge people along with themselves in order to achieve new goals. They are all innovative and committed to achievement. It seems that they all practice what they preach.

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