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A pharmacist’s job description consists of dispensing drugs that are prescribed by physicians in order to treat a number of illnesses, ailments, and irregularities. A Pharmacist is also expected to provide the patient with important information needed to administer the medication properly and without complications. Pharmacists are expected to be knowledgeable on the composition of drugs, and the actual mixing of ingredients to form various medians of treatment including powders, pills, ointments and solutions.

Pharmacists can work in a number of different settings including retail, hospital, and in home healthcare. Pharmacists who work in a retail setting commonly advise patients on a number of issues concerning them including drug interactions and medical equipment. Community pharmacists also give advice on over the counter medications. They advise patients based on health surveys and what other medications they are currently taking. Pharmacists that are employed by hospitals and clinics dispense medications and advise the medical staff on different drugs. There is also a lot of planning involved in hospital pharmacy, counseling patients on drug regimens and on the use of drugs while in the hospital.

A degree in pharmacy typically takes 6 years to obtain with years of pre-pharmacy education and 4 years of undergraduate study. After these have been completed you can opt to study for a masters or for what is known as a Pharm.D or a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. Pharmacists also undergo a lot of training throughout their college study and even after college in patient care and consultative services to other health professionals.

Pharmacy seems like a career that is very rewarding. Without pharmacists many people could be mislead into taking drugs they do not need or accidentally interacting certain prescriptions. Pharmacists make a very decent salary without having to go to school for an exorbitantly large amount of time, about 70,000 a year on average. The one drawback of pharmacists is that they are often required to work long and undesirable hours because many pharmacies are open all day long, 7 days a week. There are also ethical concerns in pharmacy. There was a case recently where a pharmacist diluted cancer medication in order to make more money. A pharmacist has to be an honest and prudent individual because of the hundreds of lives that depend on him or her, daily. Overall, I think pharmacy is an excellent job with a good salary and benefits.

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