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World War I

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From 1871- 114 Austria’s empire was falling apart. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a leader for Austria. A Serbian in Bosnia shot him to death. What had happened is that he was in Bosnia, since he had just taken over it, and he went to his first meeting with the crowd. When he was there someone threw a grenade at him and he managed to hit it into the crowd. He was going to the other side of town when he decided not to go and he told the guy that was driving him to turn around and once he did the Archduke and his wife were shoot by a Serbian guy named Princip. Although the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand triggered World War One, the war would have occurred anyways because the main reasons for the war were the system of alliances and militarism.

The assassination of the archduke made World War One start in 114 because the event led to Austria declaring war. Austria gave Serbia and ultimatum, and Serbia refused. Since Serbia refused to accept the ultimatum Austria decided to declare war. Since Serbia had support from Russia and France, Germany had to step in and help out Austria. Now that France and Russia were moving troops to the German border, Germany had to declare war on France and Russia.

The new system of alliances that was formed after Bismark was fired led to the war. When Bismark was ruling Germany he formed alliances with many countries in Europe. When he was fired, Wilhelm came in and he decided that he didn’t want these alliances and so he destroyed them. He wanted only a few allies, so he went to Austria. The reason he went to Austria is because he saw that Austria was getting weak so he decided that they needed help and Germany might need help too so they allied with each other. So France and Russia allied too. So the first alliance was France, Russia, Serbia, and Britain. Now that Europe was divided into two major alliances if one little country caused war all of Europe would go. That did happen, and Austria declared war on Serbia. Serbia was allied with Russia, France and Britain while Austria was with allied with Germany. Once the war broke out between Austria and Serbia, Russia and France stepped in and same thing with Germany so this set off a World War.

Militarism was another cause of World War One. It looked to each country that there would be a huge war coming, but they weren’t sure when. So they were getting prepared. Whatever one country had the other country had to have more. For example Germany and Britain were in the race for more ships and bigger navy, while Russia and Germany were in a race over a bigger army, and bigger military. This war would be a war of mass destruction and everyone was just waiting for it to happen. This competition over arms created a lot of tension in Europe. Once this war went off it was a huge war, lots of lives were lost but everyone was expecting that.

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