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The lights turn off and a new world of appears, this unreal world is made up of fantasies and truths in our lives. The make-up, actors, stage, and lighting all work together to make it as real as possible. Theater is like a tunnel into someone else’s world. During the play you become indulged in some else’s life. You get to experience their happiness, misery, and everything else around them. Theater lets you escape your reality for a moment and dive into another. Big Love, Nickel and Dime, and Pastorela brought some reality into the unreal world of theater.

Nickel and Dime is about the working poor. We believe poor people a poor by choice, but the reality is that there not. We observe a woman trying to make and ends meet. She works more than one job and she has to put up with the cruelty of customers and supervisors. We watch as she goes from job to another and we see her struggle for an apartment. She thinks out loud, so its like we’re inside her head. It makes us concentrate on her and forget about us, we become part of her. Everything stops and everyone returns to reality, the actors then question the audience. They ask; “how much do you pay your help, if you have any?” and “have you done that kind of work, and how much did you get paid?” A number of hands come up for all the questions and the audience realizes how real and common it is. This plays touches reality that is oblivious to a big portion of society, the only people that realize it are the ones living it. This play is sure to change your attitude toward hotel, restaurant, service and the rest of our minimum job workers.

Big love is a battle of the sexes and about love. Seeking refuge from pre-arranged marriages, fifty sisters flee to an Italian villa for refuge. The fifty brothers find then and demand for the to comply. The play revolves around three sisters and three brothers. The sisters refuse to be wedded to man they don’t love, and the men believe that they had to give in to there demands. This play touches a real theme which was very much alive in pass years, where men were believed to be superior than woman. Many the men and older women in the play persuaded the fifty wives to get married, they believe that a women needs a man to take care of them in order for them to be happy. Both sexes are in a constant battle, the women finally realize that the only way out was to murder the man. The play makes you think about contracts, familial relationships, marriage, the rights of women, and the rights of men over women. The stage was set in just one room, people come in and out and argue their case. The play was like a trial and the audience gets a chance to be the judge.

How much does a person need to be happy? Pastorela touches this theme. The play takes place on Christmas eve in a park. A woman sells flowers in the park and she is encountered by a man who is pushing his pregnant wife in a shopping cart. The woman has a place to sleep, but she is miserable because of the poverty she lives in. She meets the homeless couple who is absolutely content with themselves. The woman cries when she sees their happiness in such a terrible situation. The woman gives them her last dollar and bouquet of flowers even though she needs them. You get to watch other people living in their misery, trying to find happiness in money and others finding happiness by making others miserable. At the end a child is born, his innocence unites the poor together and gives them happiness in spite of their situation. People are never satisfied with what they have, they always want more. These people found happiness with the little bit that they had. The actors bring comedy into their lives of poverty, making you forget about their situation and making you laugh along with them instead of feeling pity for them.

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Each play is a living piece of your life in a small unreal world. We are characters of our theater production. Life is just an endless theater, we live on a stage of endless drama. A theater production is like a dream filled with nightmares, fantasies, common situations, that suddenly end. But you get to experience them again in you next visit or dream.

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