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College Application Essay

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College Application

If you ask me who the most influential person of my life

Is, I wouldn’t have to think about it twice. My English

Teacher from my junior year in high school

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Is the most positive person I have ever known; her name?

Is Mrs. Schoenbucher and she is encouraging, always

Friendly, permanently offering help and always there

For you when you need somebody to talk. You might ask

What does that have to do with my college application?

I have always been a really good pupil, always went to

Class on time, never skipped school, permanently good

grades In addition,I Have never been disrespectful to a


In my junior year I had a math teacher ,

Who really took the fun out of math ; he didn’t treat

Me fairly and really gave me a bad time in math. I lost my

Fun on math and stopped to study for it. I even started

Skipping my math classes because I had such a hard

Time getting along with this teacher. I am pretty

Sure you can foretell what happened when I stopped

studying for math and started skipping it �exactly, my

Grade dropped �I failed the class and I have never

Failed a class before.

The math problem led to other problems, too ;it took

away all my passion for

Attending school. Consequently, my other grades

started to get Worse too. I was afraid to talk to

anybody, I didn’t

Have the courage to speak up and discuss the problem.

I Felt lost like a wild animal imprisoned in a small cage.

I was walking in a dark tunnel and couldn’t find the


My English teacher Mrs. Schoenbucher, with whom I

get along very well was the first person to

recognize that something was wrong with me, so she

Took me aside and asked me what was wrong. I said

“Nothing”, but I just couldn’t hold it in anymore my eyes

Were starting to get watery and I started to cry .Mrs.

Schoenbucher encouraged me to talk to her.

I told her everything that was in my heart, all the

Problems I had, and all the frustrating experiences

from math and

How it started to affect my other classes and took away

the fun of going to school. Mrs. Schoenbucher told me

That everything was going to be alright;she said she

would talk to my math teacher

About my problems, so I could see his point of view. She also

Encouraged me to talk to my parents about my math

Problem at school and that all helped me .

If she

Wouldn’t have been I probably would never have had the

Courage to step up and I would have lost the passion on

School and failed my math class.

The next day I talked to my math teacher and after his

Talk with my English teacher he was able to see my

Problems better and also understand me better.

It also helped me because he told me his point of view

And helped me to understand him better and

recognize that he didn’t mean it in a bad way when he is strict

to me he just wants us to be prepared for college.

Two weeks later I had regained my fun of going to school

And my grades were better then ever before. From this

Whole incident I learned that it is important to talk to

People if you have problems .I want to do that too. if

Other people have problems either at school or outside I

Always encourage them to talk to me and I try to help

Them as good I can.

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