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gw carverson

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George Washington Carver was an American educator and an outstanding innovator in the agricultural sciences. Born around 1861 (records not kept) into slavery near Diamond, MO, Carver never knew who his father (Giles) was who was killed in an accident. At a very young age George and his mother (Mary) were kidnapped by slave raiders. George was returned to the plantation after his owners traded for him, but his mother was never found. George and his brother and sister were all raised by slave owner Moses Carvers and his wife Susan. George was born a week child and could not accomplish chores like other slaves could; so he spent most of his time inside with Susan learning to read, sew, cook foods, etc. If he wasn’t in the house Carver could be most likely be found working in the garden where he perfected his craft. Neighbors of the plantation would call on Carver to help with their gardens and plants, earning him the nickname “Plant Doctor”.

From age 10, his thirst for knowledge and desire for formal education led him to Neosho, MO to attend the school for colored children. Later he moved to Fort Scott, KS to attend high school. In 1880 he lived in Minneapolis, Kansas, and attended high school there. In 1885 he was refused admission by Highland College. In 181, at the age of 0, he was admitted in Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, which today is Iowa State University, and gained his BS in 184 and MS in 187 in bacterial botany and agriculture. He was the first African American to attend there. Carver became involved in all facets of campus life while at college. He was a leader in the YMCA and the debate club. He worked in the dining rooms and as a trainer for the athletic teams. He was captain of the campus military regiment. His poetry was published in the student newspaper and two of his paintings were exhibited at the 18 Worlds Fair in Chicago. He also took art and piano lessons. Carver never had enough money to pay his tuition, so he would often have to drop out temporarily to earn money and then enroll again. During this period he worked as a housekeeper, cook, and gardener, launder. He did every job as well as he could. He gained recognition everywhere he went for this.

In 18 his health began to fail, Carver died on Jan 5th, 14 in Tuskegee. He is also buried there. On July 14, 14 U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt honored him with a National Monument dedicated to his accomplishments. Carver never married.

Despite the many job offerings with very high paying salaries, he would not take them because he had a goal to apply scientific research toward practical economic ends.

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Carver invented over 500 products that could be made from the peanut plant, sweet potato and soybean such as plastics, shaving cream, shampoo, lotion, paper, ink, and foods. Also he has changed the life of the modern day farmer by coming up with the crop rotation method.

Carver received many honors and rewards for his inventions and became close friends with president Ford and Roosevelt. In 14 George Washington Carver died but his work will help every day life forever. This guy had Major impact on our lives today and we should all remember his work and contribution to our everyday lives. I hope this essay has made you realize that George Washington Carver wasn’t known as the peanut man for inventing peanut butter but that his inventions were much more that we use everyday today.

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