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Lord of the Flies- Setting

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The setting affected the story “The Lord of the Flies” in many ways. It effected

how the characters are shaped or how they act because of the surroundings and the

environment in which they have to live. The setting also changed their attitude and

behavior toward each other as the story progress. By affecting the characters’ behavior, it

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made an impact on the outcome and the events in the story. The author used an inhabited

island as the setting of the story.

The story takes place in an island in which groups of rich kids are trapped when

their plane was shot at and then crashed. The kids were by themselves without any adults

watching over them. The author used an island to show how kids would interact

with each other without any adults. No adult supervision means that they could do

whatever they want without no one telling them what to do. He also used the setting to

establish a particular atmosphere, and mood. The author wants to create a sense of

freedom for the kids and isolation from the world. An example of this is when the

kids would swim naked in the beach and doesn’t care what anybody thinks.

The author chose an island as the setting of the story because he wanted the

kids to have their own society and culture. It will show their own type of government on

the island and will give responsibilities to each of the characters. This type of

government will shape their behaviors and attitudes towards each other. The society in

which they live in is controlled by a leader that controlled the things on the island and

caused most of the kids to rebel against him. His rules changed their attitudes and the

way they think of him. An example of this is when Ralph, the leader, asked them to

always keep the fire alive at all times but Jack and the kids would not listen and hunt

instead. Their attitudes toward each other changed and caused their fall.

The author’s description of the specific setting enabled the readers to envision

the setting and imagine the characters interacting with it. In the beginning of most

chapters, He usually starts with describing how the surroundings, climate, and

physical composition of the land was like. For example, the author creates a visual image,

or word picture describing how the island “clambered among the rocks, with the sea on

either side, and the crystal heights of air, they had known by some instinct that the sea lay

on every side.” He also included details such as “a sliver of moon rose over the

horizon, hardly large enough to make a path of light even when it sat right down the

water .”

The setting can affect a story in many ways. The setting can establish the mood

and atmosphere that creates a story. Behavior of the characters can change depending

on an event, time, or place. To describe a setting, the author tried to use specific details

that create an appropriate image in the reader’s mind like the climate and the

physical composition of the land. The setting created how the story is going to be like. It

also makes the story more interesting and puts excitement into the plot. The characters

way of life is changed because the environment and the absence of adult supervision.

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