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In the story of Perseus the main monster Medusa is one of the three Gorgon sisters. Medusa was not always a hideous beast, for she was once a beautiful woman. But in many of the Greek stories, she was cursed by the Gods and sent to a life of horror and misfortune. Medusa is described in the readings from (Perseus 17) In the mirror of the bright shield he could see them clearly, creatures with great wings and bodies covered with golden scales and hair a mass of twisting snakes. Medusa was so hideous that any man who looked at her would instantly turn to stone. Snakes have always been a symbolic entity of evil. So by describing Medusa’s hair as a bunch of snakes represents a very hideous and evil creature. In many stories the head of creatures is the main source of evil, which in Medusa’s case was covered by snakes, making her even more monstrous. This monster was feared by all Greeks. Their fear of this monster is strictly due to it’s grotesque appearance and it’s mortal danger to men. This monster did not rape and pillage the Greeks, in fact it was isolated from society in an unknown place. It was a threat to men and it possessed the qualities that would not create a superior and civilized race.

Every monster in Greek mythology has been defeated in some way or form by mostly men. This indicates a superior race, and the importance of maintaining civilized beings. Ensuring education and wisdom becomes extremely important because many of these monsters were defeated by intelligence. Although these creatures were physically dreadful they all possessed one bad quality they were not men. This creates a union between the human race and essentially divides human and beast.

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