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Austrian abstract guidelines

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Writing the Abstract for your Thesis

1. When writing an Austrianabstract of your thesis, the structure should be as follows

· 1st paragraph

ü introduce the subject/area of study,

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ü outline the aim(s) of your thesis,

ü the area(s) that you examined,

ü the question(s) you tried to answer,

ü the hypothesis you tested, etc.

Useful language

The purpose/aim of this thesis is to …. examine/analyse/define/outline/look at …etc.

In this thesis, the problem of ……………. is described/investigated/analysed.

This thesis addresses issues relating to / concerning …………………

In this thesis, the hypothesis that ……………. is tested

· nd paragraph

ü outline the way you researched your topic e.g.

Useful language

A review of current literature on this topic is undertaken. Then interviews are conducted amongst …… (shoppers) / ……..businesses are questioned. Subsequently, the results are analysed using ..(mention research tools/models etc.)

· rd paragraph

ü refer back to your original aims/questions (given in the 1st paragraph),

ü summarise your conclusions and findings, e.g.

ü Additionally any recommendations (e.g. for further study) can also be given.

Useful language

The findings suggest that……………

In conclusion, it was found that …………

The analysis highlights ………………

It would seem that ….

On the basis of the research conducted, ……………..

. Length should be about 00 � 50 words. Keep it short and simple. Do not go into detail. Use your contents page to guide you.

. Use formal, impersonal language (no slang or idiomatic expressions, etc). Using passive structures will avoid use of ‘I’ and other personal language, e.g. ‘I found that …’ better ‘ It was found that…’. Do not include personal opinions e.g. I think that…

4. Generally speaking, the present tense is to be used.

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