Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Here are my proposed New Years Resolutions

1) Manage my time in a better manner and balance my academic and social lives

) Work off those pounds from all that binging

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) Try to spend more time with friends and family

and most importantly...


Friday, January 0, 00

After a day of rest from our day in SF,

Typical dinner. I had the chicken strips with fries and cole slaw... which was pretty good. I guess the highlights of the dinner had to be the interactive trivia game we were able to participate in with this remote control/gamepad looking things. The questions were FREAKIN hard. Who the heck know Charles Bardin was the old whosit who did whatsit (Dont u just love my vocab) ;p. In addition to that, the group all had a nostalgic look back at tv theme songs (All you in Berkeley know something about that ;p). Anyways, dinner ended up being around a hundred dollars. What the heck? I personally ended up paying 14 dollars which was OK... not to bad. Poor Pamsters got jipped and ended up paying 4 smackers. DONT worry pam, well make it up. Min and his friends seem like nice people, not too GQish looking, but who am i to judge ;p (I hope you Denise would beg to differ) Speaking of Denise, when we were playing a game with one of those ridicoulous questions, one of the answers had Denise in it, and i chose that answer on the whim. Surprizingly it ended up being the right answer... its fate i say. Wink winK right denise? Anyways, wherever you are, i hope you are having a good time. I hope youre not off with some Japanese fella behind my back knock on wood (Just kidding). Well, im off to watch a movie everyone, gnite!

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