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A Night of Cocaine

Have you ever wondered what it was like to try cocaine? About a month ago, I was wondering how it would feel to be on snow. A few of my friends were doing it quite often; being around them all the time it struck my curiosity. I had been saying I was going to try it but kept chickening out. This went on for about a month. Finally, on New Years Eve I decided to go ahead and do it. I couldn’t believe what I was missing out on. My friends never told me how good it was. After that it started to become an everyday occurrence. That’s when I knew I had to get out. If I didn’t stop (hypothetically speaking) I would probably be stealing money from my parents right now or selling my possessions so I could afford my new addiction. This is the diary of the night I tried cocaine.

It’s around 0 p.m. on December 1, 00 my friend Bam is sitting directly in front of me on my bed. Bam is around six-foot, he has wavy dirty blond hair, blue-green eyes, built, and lightly tanned skin. We both have a small strip of glass, a straw, and some cocaine. We are all ready to start, and both begin to cut two small sized lines of snow. Bam and I took our straws and without a second thought, we inhaled the lines. Immediately I began to feel more energetic, mentally alert, I was also quite sensitive to light and sound. I was suddenly more self-confident then usual. It is now around 1005p.m I’m definitely still feeling the effects, although I’m in the comedown stage. We then decide that it was time to try another few lines. As we cut two medium sized lines, I begin to get a strong urge to smoke a cigarette. I decide that after I finish my cigarette I will snort the two lines. The next two lines should give me a high-dosed cocaine experience. Soon after I finish my last line I begin to get a warm and fuzzy feeling all over my entire body, as if I were floating. You know the feeling; it is similar to the feeling of the second wind you get when you stay up all night. The high intensifies for a minute or two, then levels out. I’m mildly euphoric, but very stimulated. It is a distinct stimulation, more like amphetamines than caffeine, but definitely different. There is a warm tingly sensation in my nose. I have a strong urge to smoke another cigarette.

It is now 105pm and I am feeling an inconspicuous decrease in the high. As I sit back to enjoy it, I ask Bam how he is feeling, he said, “ the urge to do more coke is overwhelming, can we please do another line?” By this time, I felt very calm. The peak wore off gradually but not evenly. I was alternating between feeling comedown effects and peak effects. The thought of doing more coke pops into my mind but then fades and comes back again. We just finished our last line of coke. I decided to lay back and close my eyes I could have sworn that I was floating. At this point, I am beginning to hallucinate. It is somewhat scary yet fun at the same time. It is now around 1100p.m. and the thoughts of doing more coke are a little more frequent and longer, but nowhere near irresistible. Being aware of the craving seems to make it go away. The stimulation is still quite strong, and more amphetamine- like, however it is beginning to fade into the post-peak mellowness of cocaine.

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My dry mouth is becoming more noticeable. My lungs feel somewhat grimy from smoking so many cigarettes. We snorted a few drops of warm water to help clear out our nasal passages since they felt somewhat clogged from doing coke all night. If I snort or breathe deeply I can still taste coke in the back of my throat. I now feel calm and quiet. I don’t really feel bad, but I feel physically worn out and mentally tired. It’s not a bad thing though. We decided to smoke bowl of weed to help us relax, and take a few shots of vodka before going to bed to help counteract the stimulant effect that will keep us from sleeping. Although we will not be able to sleep for a few more hours it still helps a lot.

In conclusion, this was a very enjoyable experience. I would have to say that cocaine is my drug of choice. Since the night of my cocaine, experience it had became an everyday occurrence. I then realized that I needed to quit all drugs, because I didn’t want to have to depend on a drug to make me feel normal. In addition, I would as I stated earlier probably be selling all my things to help pay for the drugs, and I just didn’t want it to come down to that. If I hadn’t tried blow I feel like I would have tried something less extreme and would not realize that it was getting out of control. Then it would have escalated to something more and I would be in to deep to stop on my own. Therefore, I am glad I did it, but I won’t be doing it again.

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