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The cause of learning disabilities is known to be a result from a central nervous system dysfunction. This cause is said to be from an underlying neurological problem. Research has confirmed that specific parts of the brain are responsible for specific learning behaviors and that neurological impairments or injuries to certain parts of the brain resulted in learning problems. Although growing evidence does not explain how individuals with learning disabilities acquire neurological dysfunction, there are some factors that can be considered. Hereditary and genetic causes can be one of the factors that can be considered. Research on families have provided strong results that the tendency for severe reading, speech, and language disorder disabilities is inherited and appears to have a familiar basis. Teratogenic and pollutants are other factors that may play a role in the disabilities of students. Pollutants as well as dermatogens are some aspects of the environment that cause developmental malformations in humans.

Students with learning disabilities, ages six to twenty-one, constitute the largest percentage of students served in special education that being close to fifty percent. As stated by Turnbell, During the 18-1 school year, over .7 million children ages six to twenty-one received special education under specific learning disability category. Between the 188-18 school year and the 18-1 school year the percentage of student ranging from that age has increased 8.1 percent. Being that the number has dramatically increased, schools fear that students are being over identified with learning disabilities.

Nondiscriminatory evaluations are used as assessments that recognize the presence of a disability. The test that are used is the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. This test has two scales those being the performance scale and a verbal scale. Combined together, performance and verbal scores yield a full scale IQ score.

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When learning disabilities are detected, there are several support groups and services that become available to the student. The curriculum-based assessment is an example of one Turnbell

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