Saturday, June 11, 2011


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its time to bring this EASTSIDER down to the southside- down to the the real side- you just speakin on war but we ready to die- ready to ride- collide with the other side- this life is do or die when you livin for pride- so what you know about acouple of verses garunteed to bring the hoe up out you cats and leave you ridin in hearses- and its not shot gun- im quick with these words- never am i out done

--SPONTAINIUS-- this shit is funny to me- all you cats swear you can ryme but all sound bummy to me- you might have beat them other fools but dunny this me- a tatse of a real mc- leave you changing up your hobbies- this is my room- my crown- come on dawg you aint gonna rob me- or phase me- you wont even come close- you fuckin with the real - ill leave you comatosed

black... i came in here to drop my lyrical flow like suckin on tits till they swole,they love me, no one can stop me,my gurl may came back burpin out breakfast cuz she dont give a fuck that my philosophy,i keep it blazen so all u hater back or end up lookin like a dried raisin,im fat but u know my name black close yo eyes then ull see whp u facin

ya all cats swear u can rhyme but i think its all just waste of tyme say ur laste lines and leave it to the proffesional to finish the job for u that was u can save ur asses the disgrace cus of u being lame to ur race is all in the hand dawg play what ur go at u definately not have

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