Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon

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Why is it that kids today are so eager to grow up so fast? Growing up today has never been more difficult for our adolescent especially in this scary world we live in. With our youth there seems to be a fascination with trying to look and act older than their age. This can lead to many issues, for example wearing makeup and tighter clothing at a young age is sure to attract attention, maybe the wrong kind of attention. Although this issue is not justified there are many teens and pre-teens that are looked down upon and judged by the way they look.

School and friends are important factors in shaping teens ideas of how they view themselves; this is where self-esteem issues come in effect. Of course when I was in school there was always that need to fit in and trying to please my friends rather than pleasing myself, which in the end was really the most important thing. Some people say that someone’s clothes might reflect their personality and attitude, although this does not have to be in a negative way this is how some people choose to express themselves.

Other issues of growing up too fast involve smoking, drinking, having sex and drugs. We don’t want to think about our youth being faced with all these problems, however this is reality. It is at this time where decisions may impact the rest of young people’s lives for example having unprotected sex where it is obvious that a teenage girl or boy are not capable of providing proper care for a baby without any help whatsoever and this choice will reflect your whole life.

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In conclusion, I don’t think anyone has the right to judge somebody especially based on their appearance, however there is plenty of time for teens to experience the true beauty and innocence that life has to offer.

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