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Health Report

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Glaucoma is a condition whereby the optic nerve is damaged, resulting in vision loss. This damage is usually caused by an increase in the pressure within the eye although damage may occur even if the intra-ocular pressure is normal. There are three types of Glaucoma primary, secondary, and congenital. Primary Glaucoma can be divided in to two different types open angle and closed angle. Open angle glaucoma is the type seen most frequently in the United States. It is usually detected in its early stages during routine eye examinations. Closed angle glaucoma, also called acute glaucoma, usually has a sudden onset. Characterized by eye pain and blurred vision. Secondary glaucoma occurs as a complication of a variety of other conditions, such as injury, inflammation, vascular disease and diabetes. And Congenital glaucoma is due to a developmental defect in the eye’s drainage mechanism.

There are no true signs in Glaucoma but there are some symptoms. The chronic form of Glaucoma takes years to show symptoms and the only real symptoms is loss of side vision. But to anyone including the person who has it may not become apparent until years later. But with the acute form of Glaucoma the symptoms are more apparent. The symptoms may include halos around lights, headache, and possible nausea and vomiting.

There are only really two types of treatment for Glaucoma surgery or medication. Both treatment do basically the same thing they help drain fluid out of the eye to relieve pressure. Doctors usually with medication try to give you the smallest dose with the best effect. And Surgery is usually your last option to be relieved.

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The prognosis for Glaucoma may very well vary. Do to the severity of the disease. The earlier that it is detected less amount of damage you will probably receive. But with the more severe cases of Glaucoma the out coming will be more severe. Which would be total loss of side vision and even possibilities of blindness.

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