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John Haigh

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In 14, John George Haigh was founded to be a serial killer known as The Acid Bath Murderer and The Vampire Killer. Haigh targeted old rich and retired people. His first family of victims were the McSwans. The McSwans family was rich and Haigh wanted to take their wealth. First Haight killed the son Donald McSwan. Then the following year he killed the parents Mr. and Mrs. WD McSwan. He killed them by bludgeoning them to death. (Beating them with a club) After killing them he forged the McSwans name on some transfer deeds, and he was able to get the McSwans properties and 4,000 pounds. When he lost all of the money at the dog track he decided to begin murdering for profit again.

His second group of victims were the Hendersons who where also rich. Haigh began to be their friends and he gained their trust. Haigh drove Mr. Henderson to his workshop where he shot him. Then he went to Mrs. Henderson and told her that her husband was sick. She went with Haigh to see him at his workshop. Once she got there he killed her in the same manner. After the killing of the McSwans and the Henderson’s, Haigh duplicated their handwriting and sent notes to their servants, relatives and friends explaining that they moved to Australia or some distant place, and mentioning that Mr. Haigh would settle their affairs. Haigh sold off the Henderson’s house and car, and received 10,000 pounds from their bank accounts. But in almost a year most of the money was gone by losing to an army of bookies.

He was overdrawn at his bank and needed to pay back rent to the Hotel he stayed at. So he began looking for his third victim. He targeted a wealthy, retired matron by the name of Mrs. Henrietta Helen Olivia Roberts Durand-Deacon. She knew Haigh leased and rented cars to patrons. So she thought he would be interested in promoting her idea about manufacturing plastic fingernails. Haigh responded favorably to her idea. He told her to meet him at his workshop to discuss it. Once the woman entered the workshop Haigh shot her in the back of her head. After killing all of his victims he stripes their bodies and dumps their body into a 40- gallon vat of sulfuric acid. Then he drains the vat and dumps the sludge from the vat into the dirt of the backyard. This process with the acid is what gave him his name. Because he did this to every victim he became a serial killer. He is also known as the vampire killer because after killing his victim he drank a glass of their blood.

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Haigh went back to the hotel and asked Ms. Lane who was Mrs. Durand-Deacon’s friend if he saw her. Mrs. Lane said she told her she was going to his workshop. Mrs. Lane said she was going to report her disappearance to the police. Haigh went with her so he could seem innocent to everyone. Once the police officer recognized Haigh, he ran a background check. Sense Haigh had a criminal record the police brought him in for questioning. First he denied that he had to do with Mrs. Durand �Deacon. Then he blurted out “Mrs. Durand �Deacon no longer exists! I’ve destroyed her with acid …; You can’t prove murder without a body. “ But the police went to his workshop and found some remains of Mrs. Duran- Deacon. The remains were in sludge, but the forensic investigators unearthed twenty-eight pounds of body fat, false teeth, a pelvis, an ankle, gallstones, and a red handbag beneath the acid vat. They found his diary in the workshop. It told everything about all the previous murders. The investigators also found a few remains of the McSwans and Hendersons. Haigh was charged with the murder of Mrs. Durand �Deacon and was placed on trial. Haigh tried to convince everyone in the courtroom that he was insane. He started that “ in each case I had my glass of blood after killing them.” Then he went into describing in detail all sorts of ghoulish acts on his victims, before giving their body’s acid baths. The jury was not impressed. They came to a verdict of Haigh being Guilty. He was sentenced to death. On August. 6, 14, John Haigh was put to death at Wandsworth Prison.

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