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When I think about life, I picture an extended roller coaster ride. There are many twists, turns, emotions, stages, and experiences throught the journey called life. For some, it may be a rough ride, and for others, it may be smoother. Everyones life has its

own ride and each will be unique.

Custom Essays on Life

The childhood stage is a time of learning, carefreeness, adventurousness, and imaginativeness. This is why children are always asking so many questions.

Why is the sky blue?, Where do babies come from?, are only a few of the questionsthat can be heard coming from a childs mouth. Children are just starting to venture out on their journey, and havent had many experiences to know things. That is why they will ask just about anything without restraint. Some adults will get a little annoyed or even amused with the constant questioning and curiousities of a child. For example, finding a

little girl covered in her mommys makeup can be quite amusing . Also, a child might unexpectedly blurt out a bad word which they picked up somehwere, or insult a stranger

without realizing, until they get scolded from a parent. These situations can be amusing or frustrating for the adult , but they were there once too, its only a natural part of life.

Ah! The teens!. A mass amount of confusion, rebellion, and discovery describe these years. Adolescence is the time in life when kids are on the brink of becoming an adult, and can be a very confusing and frustrating time for many of them. Most adolescents are busy trying to find out who they are, trying to fit in somewhere in society, discovering the opposite sex, and rebelling against rules. The rebellious aspect comes

from the teenagers want for freedom and independence. It is amazing how quickly a child can go from needing mommy to tuck them in every night, to suddenly thinking they

know everything about life. They tend to think that they can take care of themselves completely, and dont want to be told how to do things or how to behave. In reality, most teens are still fully dependant on parents for money, food, and shelter. Just wait until you get into the real world, is a phrase often told to a teen by their parents. It can be a frustrating time for the parents as well, because now their little baby doesnt want to be

tucked in anymore, and that is often saddening and hard to deal with for them. Adolescense is like entering a crossroad with different signs all around. They have

different paths they can take into adulthood, but there are stop signs, much like their parents voices in their head telling them not to do drugs, smoke, or drink. There are

green lights, much like peer and media pressures telling them its cool to do these things. It is just one bundle of confusion that we all go through.

Grown up? Maybe. I would use the words wisdom, responsibility, knowledge, and independence to describe adulthood. Most adults can be good mediators and

mentors to younger people because they have experienced much more in life. You may often hear the phrase, Been there done that coming from an adult. For the most part, it is true that they have more wisdom, but still, there are many adults who havent yet grown up or found their niche in life. There are also many adults who have trouble taking on adult responsibilites and caring for their children. As a result, those children usually become poor adults as well because of the poor role models they had growing up. Grown-ups dont know everything of course they are still learning too. Life is all about learning, and each day we grow and learn something new. I also think of all three stages as a ladder, and each stage is a step on the ladder. We need one another to get to the top

of the ladder of life. The adults guide the adolescents and children up to the top with

their wisdom and knowledge.

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