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guidelines one must follow to insure that the athletes are being treated and fed well during a pre-game meal. The pre-game meal will be given to Athletes three to four hours before the game. By eating three to fours before game this will allow the athlete enough time to digest their food. The meal should be very high in starch. Starches are easy to digest and help steady the levels of blood sugar. There should be moderate proteins given because proteins take longer to digest. There will be a limit on fats and oil because they take too long to digest.

There are some things one must avoid when planning a pre-game meal. The athlete must avoid sweets because they can cause rapid energy swings in blood sugar levels and result in low blood sugar and less energy. They must avoid food and beverages that contain caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the body to increase urine output, which can lead to dehydration.

Pre-Game Meal-Morning

Cereal- avoid sweetened cereal

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Banana slices

Milk- low fat or skim

Apple Juice


Pre-Game Meal- Afternoon

Turkey sandwich/ bread and lettuce


Milk- low fat or skim

Apple Juice


Pre-Game Meal- Evening

Spaghetti/tomato sauce


Milk- low fat- or skim

Orange juice


If I had a choice of how long I would like to live, I would want to live until I see all my kids grow up and finish college. I can not say an age, because I do not know how long that would take, but I imagine I would be roughly around 87 years old. The reason I mention eighty seven years old is because that is how long my great-grandmother lived before she passed.

I do not want my kids to see me suffer when I get old and helpless and I do not want to suffer from any pain while I am in old age. I have seen many people suffer and wish they were dead. Honestly, I do not know how they feel, but I do not want to end my life in pain. I want to go out of this world in peace. My friends are constantly telling me that everyone has to die of something one day.

The oldest person I know is my Granny and she is now seventy two years old. My Granny suffers from a bad knee, and sometime it goes out on her. She is still working as a babysitter, keeping her grandchildren while their parents are at work. She has never been put in the hospital, never had a broken bone, and never had any age-related illness. My Granny is an active member of the church, where she ushers, leads the missionary, and is the head of the kitchen staff. She will always tell you that she will keep on working until her time is up.

Honestly, I would like to be like my Granny because she has done a lot in her years. She is active in church and she stills cooks the same as she would 40 years ago, she is moving about the same as a 0 year old woman. My Granny is a good role model for the family. She supports everything that her grandchildren partake in. When I reach the age she is at I hope I will be in the same shape and condition she is in.

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