Thursday, June 16, 2011

Media Life

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Media Usage

From this study I have confirmed that radio and television are the forms of media that I most often use. From the study I found out that I used them more than I thought, although it really isn’t much as compared to the national average, however that may have been more from the fact that I had school and work every day that was recorded. During my off days there is significantly more usage because I have more free time.

The most prevalent times for media were in my car and when I got home from work or school. I knew that I always catch SportsCenter before bed and I listen to a lot of talk radio in the car to keep up with current events and of course I have a couple of regular shows that I watch, like South Park and Oz.

I am surprised by how I use media, most of the time I have the radio or TV on to provide background noise while I am doing something else. I knew my media usage would be high in relation to the number of hours that I wasn’t in school or at work, but I have found that nearly every minute away from those things are filled with programming of one sort or another regardless if I am doing something else.

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I compared my usage to that of my wife and found that they are nearly identical, except that she has more free time for the media and therefore watches more shows and stays more informed on other things, such as the weather or politics. She also has more time for leisurely pursuits involving the media, like reading the morning paper and finishing the latest Harry Potter novel.

During the same time periods that I was not at school or at work I found that we spent about the same amount of time in front of the TV or listening to radio. Although I would be involved with other things, such as writing this paper or studying for a test, I found that in many cases she was also involved in other things, like reading, cooking, cleaning house, ect.

I also found that we both had the tendency to let the TV become “the babysitter” in a way. While we were involved with these other things, the children would be in control of the remote and inevitably that led to CartoonNetwork or PBS Kids and we would be content to let them be entertained so we were free to work on our own projects.

I guess that was the biggest surprise for me. I didn’t think that my children spent that much time in front of the TV. Of course, the weather is one factor, being stuck inside made the TV more of a factor than during warm weather months when they can run outside and jump on the trampoline, but I realized that when I was their age, I didn’t get to spend all day in front of the TV. I spent cold days inside reading and playing with toys while my grandmother watched her soap operas.

This did lead to some reformation around the house. We have started to be more structured in when TV is and is not allowed. I have always had reading time for my boys for an hour each night, but in the short time that we have initiated this new TV policy I have noticed that homework is getting done right after school and the Lego box is coming out more.

All in all I enjoyed this project. It reconfirmed some things that I already believed and changed my mind about others. Needless to say, it has changed the way I think about everyday things, such as having the TV going for background noise.

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