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Night-SideJoyce Carol Oates

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Death scares us the most. Why? Because we do not know what it is. No one has ever came back from death to tell us about it. To not know what something is makes us uncomfortable. We do not like obscurity and we are always trying to escape from it by defining it. Sometimes thought, in doing so, we forget that humans are limited by their senses and the world and the nature have to offer more than what our human senses and knowledge can explain.

Dr. Perry Moore, an investigator in spiritualist matters, does not believe at first that a communication with death people is achievable. He is not looking for ways to explain the possibility of Mrs. A___’s contact with spirits, but in contrary, he is trying to prove that she is a fraud who deceives people; that she uses a power of seizing upon others’ thoughts and memories and that is how she is able to tell her “customers” what they want to hear with the ultimate goal of becoming rich.

Once he becomes personally attached, though, his whole understanding changes. He is no more just an observer of the phenomena, he is a participant. He does not look just for answers that will make people comfortable that there is not such a thing as spiritualism, now he seeks the truth. The truth sometimes can be dangerous and impossible to deal with - especially when it bothers our senses of reality. A lot of people would prefer to live without accepting it, if possible. That is why in his pursuit, the doctor fails and goes insane. He puts his investigations aside, because it suits him better to immediately accept that “there is no death” and that “a universe of people who are not death” exists. To believe that his beloved Brandon is among “those” people, living in “this” universe takes a burden away from his shoulders and he is in a way happier. And that is what everybody wants � to find a way to be if not totally happy at least closer to happiness. In this case, Dr Moore, is not a scientist anymore, he is a feeler who is trying to find a relief for his broken heart.

Life is the only reality. We know people who have different theories, but not clear proofs. We also know people who in the pursuit of their curiosity and ambitious have lost the joy of life and are unable to seize the moment and keep the present. The future, the end; happiness and sadness- they all will come. Is it worth it to waste the present in order to think how to overcome the uncontrollable.

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