Thursday, June 16, 2011

School Violence

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The vast majority of schools in the United States are safe places, and in recent years they have become even safer. Safe schools are essential to our ability to learn and develop healthy lifestyles and friendships. The overall rates of violence has fallen (A statistic of the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center), and most students don’t feel any less safe in schools as they have in previous years. In fact, students are much less likely to come to harm at school than away from school where adult supervision is not mandatory or deemed nessesary. However, some schools do have serious crime and violence problems, and many students, teachers, and parents continue to have grave concerns about safety in schools. To address these concerns, Lower Merion and other schools need to initiate talking between parents, teacher and students.

The only way to help solve violent acts occurring in our school is to find out three things, first, if there are violent acts going on, second, if so then to what extreme and finally initiate a way to stop them. There is no doubt in my mind that violent actions occur in Lower Merion but most likely other people aren’t aware of it. I believe that time should be taken to educate the students about the real dangers of school violence. If once a month homerooms would come together at the end of the day and just talk. I have no doubt in my mind that talking solves problems. I would want my role to equal with everyone else’s. I believe that as soon as you give one student the power, they end up talking the whole time. This time is meant for people to talk but even more to listen. I think videos, speakers and interactive role playing would make these experiences greater. All the students at Lower Merion are diverse and come from different backgrounds and Lower Merion doesn’t have the power to control their thoughts and ideas on violence; all that the school can do is try to educate them. By all the means necessary, I would help start this seminar. All in all, if people understand the serious reality of school violence, then the chances of a violent act occurring will decrees.

While the media has focused on school shootings, school violence includes a range of activities but the NYVPRC says that schools have become safer. The data about these types of violence present a mixed picture of school safety. The only way to cut away the mixed picture and bring Lower Merion to a level of safety is by talking and listening to students that sit in it’s classrooms and walk down it’s halls.

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