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Violence is a learned behavior

Through the past few years’ people have heard people saying that television, music, and videogames are leading to the increase in violence among teens and the society. The human race learned to be violent from society, entertainment and their environment. Violent images on televisions as well as in the movies have inspired people to become violent. People learn to be violent from society, entertainment and from their environment.

Society is one of the many places where violence has been learned. Society has been bombarded with violence from the beginning of time. Researchers do acknowledge that violence portrayed on television is a potential danger. One issue is clear though; the focus on television violence should not take attention away from other significant causes of violence in our country such as drugs, inadequate parenting, availability of weapons, unemployment, etc. it is hard to report on how violent television effects society, since television affects different people in different ways. There is a significant problem with

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violence on television that society is going to have to acknowledge and face.

Environment is the second thing where people learn to be violent from. United states teens are killing each other with guns at the highest rate since the government began recording the deaths thirty years ago, a new study shows that guns killed almost 4,00 youths ages fifteen to nineteen in 10, or about eleven everyday. If either one of the children’s parents were abusive the chances that the child will be abusive are much higher than of a childs parents that were not abusive. The juvenile violence is not only confined to the streets; it is branching out into the classrooms of our public schools. Some static’s on school violence show that there has been a shocking increase during a five-year period.

Violent images on television, as well as in the movies have inspired people to set spouses on fire in their beds, lie down in the middle of the highways, extort money by placing bombs in airplanes, rape, steal, murder, and commit numerous other shootings and assaults. Over 1,00 case studies have proven that media violence can have negative affects on children as well. Americans feel that the

viewing of violence in the media reinforces negative behavior in society, especially among children and young adults. Three thousand studies have been done since 15 on the link between television and violence; ,80 of them found a correlation between the two. Ninety-eight percent of Americans homes have a television set, / of those homes receive cable; television and movies are just the most persuasive means of corruption yet know to our society. In 18, the United States software industry sold 6. billion dollars worth of videogames. Not bad for an industry that didn’t exist twenty-five years ago. Yet despite its continued growth, all is not well in the videogame industry. Perhaps the 40,000 killings children will see on television and in the movies by the time they are age 18 has something to do with it.

Television may not be the soul cause of the terrible crimes, but

there is proof that some of these unimaginable crimes are caused by

violence seen on the television. In the world today, television is a part

of almost everyone’s life. People learn to be violent from society,

entertainment and from their environment.

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