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Vocabulary Sentences for To Kill a Mockingbird

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Vocabulary Building/T.K.A.M Chapters 1-6

1. A good relationship between parents and their children is based on candidness. It is this openness that allows them both to communicate and understand each other well.

. “I have reviewed your essay, and have marked a couple of unnecessary words. All what you have to do is go back and expunge them before handing it in,” said the English teacher.

. Gathering enough evidence, the lawyer managed to get the jury to come to the decision of indicting John Timberland with theft.

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4. John’s stuttering, indirect answers, and nervousness on the stand enabled the jury to corroborate that he was guilty of the crime.

5. Siddharta Gautama’s priest proved to be a fatalist, proclaiming that he was either destined to become a great ruler or a great priest. It was due to the priest’s belief in fate, that Gautama’ s father restricted him to the palace walls away from the city.

6. Knowing that there would be a quiz on the lecture, Jean made sure to listen to every single iota of information that the teacher went over.

7. His increasing cynicism began to bother me. Pessimists have that effect on me, because I am an optimist.

8. Mr. Ewell, acting impudently, spat in Atticus’s face. Even though Mr. Ewell was rude, tried to ignore his behavior by simply walking away.

. The argument was resolved in a tacit agreement to never bring up the subject of abortion again. Although this was never spoken aloud, it was the only way to end the conflict.

10. Trying not to let anybody else hear the secret, John discreetly whispered it into his friends ears.

11. It was due to Martin Luther King Jr.s adamant belief that he could create equality, which allowed him to succeed in his goal. If he was not stubborn with this belief, today, the blacks would be living a prejudiced life.

1. An obscure reference to something is one that is not easily understood.

1.The poor family dreamed of living a life free of squalor that was their current lot in life, but they could not escape the filth without getting more money, which seemed impossible.

14. She lived a very apprehensive life, but because of this lack of trust in other people, she did not make many good friends.

15.Hermits tend to live a simple reclusive life, away from society. Being isolated allows them to devote more time to pray and meditate.

16.Theman covered his prejudice with a thin veneer. he employed black men, but did not treat them well he paid them less than white workers and gave them no benefits.

17. The thief tried to furtively grab the womans purse from the table without her noticing. It was due to his slyness, that he managed to get away without anyone noticing.

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