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benefit of learning a second language

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Learning a second language can be very expensive and inflexible. However, the increasingly diverse society and cultural has influenced on individuals to become multilingual. Also, economic and politic concerns play a major role in the people view of the value of learning a second language. In addition, during the past two years, I have studied English as my second language and I found that it gives me many benefits in term of gaining my self-confidence to be in a society or better communicate to reach across languages and cultures. The following paragraphs explain some benefits of learning second language.

First of all, personal benefits. An obvious advantage of knowing more than one language is you can communicate to more people. Individuals who speak and read more than one language certainly have the ability to be in touch with more people, literature, and benefit fully from travel to other countries. As an English student, I believe I understand and appreciate more for the Australian customs than many others and I also gains more respect from other people. Ultimately, knowing English also give me a competitive advantage in term of job opportunities.

The following benefit of learning a second language is society benefits. Bilingualism and Multilingualism have many benefits to society. For example, Thai people who are fluent in more than one language can work to promote Thai culture, customs and places for the oversea visitors to visit Thailand. They also can be airline employees, second language teachers as a result of greater understanding of other language and culture.

Finally, another benefit of learning a second language is citizenship benefits. Whereas many people find it very hard to adapt to varying culture contexts, students who study second language adapt better to the changes in culture and environment because they have learn more of other cultures. Multilingualism also displays greater cultural sensitivity.

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In summary, study second language gives many benefits to students in term of personal communicative abilities, culture awareness, and job opportunities. Society also benefit from this economically and socially. Thus, parents and students should take full advantage of the available opportunities and resources of second language learning for the benefit of their children in the 1st century.

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