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A clean, well-Lighted place

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In the story “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway, one of the most important topics of this story has to do with loneliness. There are two waiters, an older waiter and a younger waiter. There’s also an old deaf man and a bartender. They are at an empty caf� late at night. The old man and old waiter are lonely. The young waiter is in a hurry to get home. The bartender is disinterested, but he’s like the young waiter, wanting to get home. The lonely characters would like to stay at the caf� to escape reality, whereas the characters that aren’t lonely want to go home.

The old man appears to be deaf and desires nothing more from life than just to get drunk. He drowns his sorrows in alcohol. The old man attempts to commit suicide because “he was in despair” (Hemingway 7). He tried to commit suicide by hanging himself, but his niece cut him down. His despair is a result of being old; “He must be eighty years old”(Hemingway 80). He is also lonely because his wife died and he doesn’t have anyone to talk to about his problems or just to keep him company.

The Old waiter could relate to the old man because he was more like him. The old waiter was in no hurry to go home because he has no one or nothing to go home to. “Why didn’t you let him stay and drink? It is not half past two,” (Hemingway 81) said the old waiter. The old waiter was suggesting that it wasn’t closing time and that the old man could have stayed. The old waiter is compassionate, unlike the young waiter. He says, “he might be better with a wife” (Hemingway 81).

Young waiter lacks compassion and only thinks about himself. He thinks that his time is more important than the old man’s time. An hour is “more to me than to him” (Hemingway 81). The young waiter says, “I wouldn’t want to be that old, an old man is a nasty thing” (Hemingway 81). That shows that he doesn’t have any compassion towards the old man. The young waiter just doesn’t have any respect for the old man. He says that “I don’t want to look at him, I wish he would go home” (Hemingway 81).

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The lonely characters would like to stay at the caf� to escape reality, whereas the characters that aren’t lonely want to go home. The young waiter is not lonely, but anxious to get home to his wife. The old waiter is very similar to the old man except the old waiter has a job. The old man feels that he has nothing to live for other than getting drunk, however, life is not found in a bottle, it’s found in life experiences and relationships. Alcohol hinders these experiences and relationships.

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