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In 118, American was described as a “vigorous and young nation”. When spring came around, large amounts of manure was burned at Fort Wily in Kansas. The sun had turned black and from that day on, things wouldn’t be the same for a while. An epidemic was created and spread throughout the world, World War I indeed the culprit on doing so.

On March 11, a member of the army had developed a simple sore throat and a headache, in just a few hours; there were one hundred cases of it. Suspicion grew strongly and the sickness of the men was known as pneumonia. The result, forty-eight had died. One/half a million had crossed the Atlanta and brought over the sickness from Kansas. It was known as the “relentless killer’ and had made people turn black and blue and even made them feeling as they had been hit with a X4. Just breathing passed it around, if one person coughed in a roomful of people, millions of disease-causing organisms would be distributed throughout. Masks were useless in the fact that the particles would slip right through them. It was like trying to keep dust out of chicken wire. The epidemic was spreading more and more as days went on and people started a need for an answer.

In Philadelphia, enormous parades took place. Everyone linked arms and sang songs. Two hundred thousand infected each other; everything had continued, regardless of the epidemic, even the war. Hospitals overflowed and all doctors were sent to Europe to aid. In Washington D.C, Louis Brownlaw banned all public activities including schools, bars, and theatres. The days dragged on and by September, twelve thousand had died. “Influenza kills on the very weak, old and young,” stated Victor Vaughn, Surgeon General. The target was at twenty one to twenty nine year olds, preferably the soldiers. 70,000 of them were sick. Desperate for reinforcements, Woodrow Wilson continued the shipments of sardined men. It was likes signing thousands of death warrants.

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In New York, 851 people died a day. The death rate in Philadelphia was seven hundred times higher than normal. October was by far the worst month of all. In thirty-one days, 15,000 Americans had been killed. Civilization could very well disappear. As the epidemic had come miraculously, it in the same way had slipped away. On November 11, the armistice ended the war and 0,000 people paraded in San Francisco. The torture that Americans had gone through was over and they could now live in peace.

World War I certainly had a major impact of the spread of the Influenza. It killed 550,000 people in ten months. Thirty million had died in the world and it had infected the majority if the human species. By the crossing over to Europe, the soldiers had committed the mistake of spreading it to each other.

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