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Jacob Two-Two

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Novel Study Written Component

Part 1 Characters

Jacob Two-Two

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Jacob’s importance is to escape from the children’s prison, join with child power, to beat the hooded fang and to get two bags of firm red tomatoes. Jacob Two-Two is a primary character.

Child power (Shapiro and O’Toole)

Child powers importance is to get Jacob two-two and the other children out of the prison, to get the supersonic beeper back from Mr. Fox and to let Jacob join child power. Both Shapiro and O’Toole are primary characters.

The Hooded Fang

The hooded fang’s importance is to keep everybody in prison, feed Jacob to the crocodiles and to fool everyone out of the thinking he’s a nice guy. The hooded fang is a primary character.

The Green Grocer (Mr. Cooper)

Mr. Cooper sent Jacob to prison by mistake. He is a secondary character,

Mr. Loser Lawyer

Mr. Loser tried to help Jacob win his case. He is a secondary character.

Jacob’s Family

David, Noah, Emma, Marfa, Dad, Mom. They are all secondary characters.

Mr. Justice Rough

He sent Jacob to prison. He is a secondary character.

Master Fish and Mistress Fowl

They brought Jacob to the prison. They are both secondary characters.

Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox stole the supersonic bleeper from Jacob. He is a primary character in the novel.

Peter and Oscar

Peter and Oscar helped Jacob escape the prison. They are secondary characters.

Part Plot /Climax

The plot is what happens in the story. This story is about a kid that goes to prison. His name is Jacob and he went to jail for saying something twice to a grown-up. When he went to jail he met up with a hooded fang that was in charge of the jail. There are two people, who call themselves child power; they helped Jacob Two-Two escape from jail.

Chapter 1 We meet Jacob Two-Two and his family. We know that Jacob is two+two+two years old. And he’s the youngest in his family.

Chapter Jacob goes to the greengrocer, Mr. Cooper and asks for two pounds of firm red tomatoes and Jacob asks him two times because Jacob says everything twice. This is what made him go to jail.

Chapter Jacob meets his lawyer, Mr. Loser in his jail cell and they discuss his case.

Chapter 4 Jacob goes to court where Mr. Justice Rough is the judge, who sentences Jacob Two-Two to jail. Child Power appears and disrupts the court.

Chapter 5 O’Toole and Shapiro give Jacob a super sonic bleeper for his ear to track him to the prison. Two guards Master Fish and Mistress Fowl take Jacob to prison.

Chapter 6 Jacob meets the Hooded Fang and the Fang tells him the story about a child laughing at him when he was a wrestler so now he runs the prison.

Chapter 7 Jacob goes to his cell passing other children with Master Fish and Mistress Fowl.

Chapter 8 Jacob meets Mr. Fox and two other prisoners Pete and Oscar. Mr. Fox steals the super sonic bleeper from Jacob before leaving to London.

Chapter Child Power tracks the super sonic bleeper to London and finds Mr. Fox.

Chapter 10 Jacob learns about the fog machine.

Chapter 11 Jacob confronts the Hooded Fang about leaving candy and says he’s a nice guy after all.

Chapter 1 Jacob sends a letter to Child Power talking about his escape.

Chapter 1 Jacob is supposed to be fed to the sharks but trick the Hooded Fang into sending his letter.

Chapter 14 Child Power gets the letter and fights Mr. Fox

Chapter 15 Child Power gets Mr. Fox to take them to the prison; Oscar Pete and Jacob turn off the fog machine. The Hooded Fang cries like a baby and Jacob hugs him. Jacob wakes up with his family and joins Child Power.

The Climax

The Climax is the most exciting part of the story. In Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, the climax is in chapter 15 when Shapiro and O’Toole capture Mr. Fox and make him take them to the prison. They send a message to Jacob on the crocodiles and the Hooded Fang gets ready to fight. Jacob, Oscar and Pete Turn off the fog machine and win the fight, the Hooded Fang surrenders and they win.

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