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Some people say that MTV has had a bad influence on today’s youth because of all of the scantily clad people, language, and sex it promotes. However, it should be noted that MTV isn’t all about these things. MTV has an abundance of other things that promote completely the opposite of what people think it promotes.

There is a program on MTV that comes on at ten to the hour, every hour, called MTV news. This is a news program that lets today’s youth know about all of the important issues affecting our lives in a way that they will understand. MTV also has specials on quite frequently promoting abstinence before marriage. MTV likes to get the message across to teenagers that the HIV virus is a very serious and life-threatening virus that they should constantly get checked for, and make sure that their partner doesn’t have it.

MTV also has many shows and music videos that make it extremely entertaining. Some of the comedic shows are Jackass, The Osbournes, and Clone High. Some of the simply entertaining aspects of MTV are the music videos of all kinds of different artists they play, and shows like The Real World and Road Rules. These parts of MTV help take our mind off of the seriousness of today’s problems, and just have some fun.

Sadly, MTV does have a few bad qualities about that, however, they are not enough to matter. MTV does play some videos with scantily-clad women, like Christina Aguilera, but it must be noted that there is no actual nudity. Every once in a while somebody will say a swear word, but because the “f” and “s-words” aren’t allowed on public television, you never actually hear them. The last thing making MTV not bad, is the fact that nobody is actually forcing you to watch it.

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