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to tell the truth?

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Classical Essay

Imagine that your best friend in the whole wide world has cancer and they’ve been very sick for a couple of months already. As any other true friend would do, you’d be at the hospital day and night to give moral support and to care for your companion. But everyday you’d see that their condition keeps on getting worse and worse. One day, though, your friends’ doctor informs you that he believes that your friend has only a few more months to live. Devastated by the news you walk into your friends’ room to cherish the time you have left with them. At that moment you walk in, ironically your friend asks you if they are going to make it through their horrible sickness. Given that information that you just received a while ago from the doctor, how could you tell your best friend that she is on her deathbed? Do you tell them the truth or do you lie to them? Thinking it through you knew that you couldn’t tell them the truth. So you decided to tell them a little white lie to give your best friend some hope and encouragement. You also try to assure her that the both of you will fight this disease together and you believe they will beat it. Therefore, the question is, can telling the truth really be the right thing to do at crucial times?

Is it actually always necessary to tell the truth at all times? Is it always the right thing to do? Our society has been brought up to tell the no matter in what situation because the truth is supposed to set you free. Or is it really? If you tell the truth you are considered to be a good and honest person. But on the other hand, people who lie are considered to be bad people who are untrustworthy and nobody likes a liar. So, the question is, if you’re caught in a hard situation and the only way to make that situation all right is to lie, do you go against what society tells you or do you tell the truth and maybe make matters harder? Using the example mentioned in the introductory paragraph, I believe that it’s ok to tell a little white lie, even though you’ve been taught to do the opposite. If it’s a crucial situation, and your friend is dying how could how could a good and caring person tell their best friend that they will die in a couple of months? By telling a white lie doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Ironically, even though you’re in fact lying to “your friend” you are actually being a good person for wanting to give them hope and something to live for. If you had told your friend the truth you might have made matters even worse by getting them to lose all hope and maybe even making them give up on their life because “they will die anyways.” At times like this or similar to this situation, you’d have to go against society and listen to your heart.

In our day-to-day lives we are faced with many critical problems and situations that we must deal with. But when do you really know when the right time is to tell a lie or the truth? It is in fact quite obvious that telling a white lie is certainly right when faced with sparing someone’s feelings, as in the case with my sick friend. But what about another type of situation, for instance, when one has the option to lie in order to benefit themselves? Should they tell the truth even though by doing so they will not receive those benefits? An example of this is in the play King Lear, by William Shakespeare. When King Lear asks his three daughters which one of them loves him the most? His two evil daughters lie to him and tell him exactly what he wants to hear. They do this so they can benefit from their lies to him and receive his kingdom and his riches. On the other hand though, Lear’s favorite daughter, Cordelia, tells the truth by saying “nothing” and because of that she did not benefit from her truthfulness. Her father wasn’t satisfied with her response to his question so he disowned her from the family. Given that, should you tell the truth and maybe get disowned from “your family” or from your “best friend,” in the case of my friend with cancer? Or should you lie just to benefit yourself and save yourself from any problems that would arise if you did tell the truth? It all comes down to one thing again, using your heart and your head. You must use your heart and your head to help you make the right decision in these crucial situations, even if it means to go against society or “your family.”

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All in all, I firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, unless it’s in order to spare one’s feelings, never to benefit yourself. As we saw with Cordelia in the end of the play King Lear, we saw that she had gotten back her father’s love for her all because she had told the truth. Unlike her sisters, they had lived a miserable life after they actually got Lear’s kingdom and riches, all because they had lied in the first place just to benefit themselves. Whatever goes around comes around because the evil sisters ended up dying in pain unlike Cordelia who died in happiness for she was loved by her father again. This also applies to the situation with my best friend. By sparing By sparing their feelings and giving them hope to live, it made me feel good to know that it made them feel good that they had hope for a better life in the future. But do all people feel that way? Would all people do the right thing in these kinds of situations? This is a question that you must ask yourself, would you do the right thing? Do you think that it’s the right thing to do, to tell the truth in such crucial situations? This is something that you must have to take into consideration and live your

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