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In many parts of the world soccer is not just a game. It is a part of life for many people. People in other parts of the world take the game of soccer very seriously. In comparison, soccer to them is like baseball or football to us. Many of the young children do not throw a baseball or football in the streets, instead they are usually kicking a ball back and forth or playing some kind of game involving kicking a ball.

Fans of soccer can sometimes be the most violent fans in any sport. In England, for example, most of the fans go to bars before they attend a game. English fans have become so obnoxious that cities actually charter buses to transport the fans from the bars to the games. The reason cities went to this extreme is because fans would become embroiled in large altercations in the streets on the way to the games. Although the buses are a way to control the fans outside the stadium, there is little to stop them once they get into their seats in the stadium. Unfortunately, fights break out in the stands during the game. In some of these fights, people have actually died because the fights become very violent. In some cases there has been partial stadium collapses because too many fans go into one section to engage in a fight.

Other actions that have made soccer fans over in England notorious for their bad behavior, is the rioting following many games. After watching their teams lose in the game, fans take to the streets and display their rage. One of the draw backs from this actions, is that many innocent people get injured or they have some of their property damaged because of the rioting.

Although there are some negative aspects to these fans, they are also good for many reasons. When opposing teams come into town and play, it is very good to have a good crowd behind the home team. It can be very intimidating walking onto a field with 60,000 plus fans screaming and yelling. To make matters worse for the opposing team, many of the fans are intoxicated.

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The grand-daddy of all soccer events happens once every four years. The event is known as the World Cup. Players from all over the world come to represent their country in the tournament. It is one of the greatest spectacles in sports today. People from all over the world, travel to support their team and their country. One example of how serious this event is happened back in 14 when the World Cup was held in the United States. It was a game between the United States and Columbia in an elimination game. The game was very intense and very close. Unfortunately for Columbia, one of their own players scored for the United States on an unlucky bounce of the ball. Columbia ended up losing the game by that goal. After the World Cup was over the Columbian national team returned home. The player who scored the own goal was shot a killed by a Columbian soccer fan. This gave people in the United States an idea of how serious people in other parts of the world take the game of soccer.

Players in other parts of the world get paid as much as our superstars here in the United States. The great athletes in other countries get treated similar to the way our great athletes. They are the ones that all the young children look up to and want to be like. In other countries, young kids are not wearing Kobe Bryant jerseys or Michael Jordan jerseys. Instead they are wearing David Beckham and Michael Owen jerseys. These two athletes are the top players in the English Premier League.

The United States has taken steps in an effort to promote soccer here in the States. They created a league known as the Major League Soccer (MLS). Although the teams here do not have the top players in the world, team managers are trying to acquire the big names so that the league will become more competitive. Although now it is not as competitive as the other leagues around the world, the MLS is slowly beginning to produce quality players on a high level. Fans that attend the MLS games do not compare to the fans that go to the games in other parts of the world. Although attendance for the MLS games is slowly increasing, it still is nowhere near the attendance for the international leagues. Most of the games that are played in the English Premier League are sold out. The type of fans the games attract differ greatly as well. Many of the fans that attend the English games are “diehards.”

Soccer is one of the greatest games in the world. Many American people are hoping that it catches on here like it did over in Europe. Some of the greatest athletes in the world are soccer players. Many American people think that soccer is a game for people that can not play football or baseball. People believe that only the un-athletic people play soccer. In fact, that is the wrong perception of the game. It takes a great deal of skill to do what the great players of the game do.

One of the most popular sports in the world today is soccer. Many people that I have told that to, tend to disagree with me. What they fail to realize is the prominence of soccer world wide, not just in the United States. People do not realize that outside of the United States, people live and die by soccer. Young children grow up playing soccer in the streets idolizing the players they see on television.

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