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The war in Iraq 60 words

It is clear from what has been going on in the news that the public has very mixed feelings and thoughts about the war which is occurring in Iraq but has either the party for or the party against war looked at the good reasons for each case and can confidently say that one side is wrong?

By going to war with Iraq Tony Blair and President George Bush both hope that they will succeed in the removal of Saddam Hussein and free the Iraq people which would be a good thing but why can’t we do this without going to war?

By going to war we are going to be killing hundreds of Iraq, British and American troops and civilians who are innocent as well as committing an illegal act as there is no united nations mandate for the war and we would be interfering with a sovereign nation.

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Some people state that this war will reduce the amount of poverty in Iraq, but is that not a long-term problem they have to over-come rather than one in which we have to bomb and kill for?

Saddam Hussein is said to have weapons of mass destruction but he has let American weapon inspectors in and they have claimed not to have found anything, but if they had been given a longer time to search they have produced some results but they were rushed by the Americans to produce a report.

Out of the 0 UK solders killed throughout the campaign so far 18 were killed through accident, and in one case British pilots were killed by friendly fire from the Americans

Also there is concern about Turkish troops entering Iraq because if they come n contact with the Kurds there may be fighting between the two forces and causing more coalition deaths.

The fact that the Iraqis have started to set fire to oil wells the pollution caused by this could have major effects on the environment.

The attempt to assassinate Saddam is illegal under an American Treaty. President Ford stated that it would be illegal for anyone to attempt to assassinate an enemy leader this surly means that it is illegal in war or not.

The fact that the Coalition has started the issue of weapons of mass destruction is strange because the several countries within the UN including America and Great Britain sold these weapons to him. At the time what did we think he would use those weapon for?

Although Tony Blair feels it is his moral duty to protect the country against Iraq, why has he left the issue of Korea, which have shown the world that they do have and are willing to use weapons of mass destruction. Also the fact that he has ignored a large majority of the nation by not taking into account the large public out cry about the war!

I think France has played a major issue in this campaign, because if they had not been so determined to use there veto against the second revaluation then it would not have given the coalition an easy exit from going down the UN route because I think they knew that they did not have the nine vote required to pass the notion.

If Saddam is over thrown and we try to divide Iraq into the several cultures with in it then we could see more bloodshed as we witness in Yugoslavia and wars started over territory which showed us the worst case of genocide since the second world war.

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