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Native American society is best known for its elegance and simplistic natural grace. Furthermore however, what even more greatly defines the lifespan of the Native American culture is its tragedies. In the beginning, there was Columbus and the Spanish exploration over the New Worlds. These journeys, fueled by the desire of wealth, brought pain and suffereing both physically as well as mentally to the Native Americans comparable even to the Nazi death camps. Plauge, famine, and poverty followed the conquistadors during the Columbian Exchange and played a crucial part in crippling the Native American culture and cause.

Following the Spainish, Englands entry into the war for the Americas began. In 160 the first Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, Native Americans got a glance at their next largest and much more permanant competeors for the land. As time went on, and the English had a firm hold in North America, the idea of the United States of America was concieved. The feelings spread like wildfire and soon enough the Revolutionary War broke out. The separation from England had quite a toll on the Native American population who for the most part chose to take the side of the English and suffered another great defeate along with the English. The new country formed clearly excluded the Native Americans from all rights and respects entitled to all other Americans. They were not property owning nor white Protestants, so thusly, they were unable to even have a say in the government formed from underneith them.

As the country grew and underwent the Industial Revolution and entered the Era of Good Feelings, there was not a very good feeling for the Native Americans. The strong nationalistic intentions included the belief of manifest destiny, to control the country from sea to shining sea, and this meant trouble for the Native American population whos population had dropped dramatically not to mention whos spirit was crushed. As the Era of Good Feelings fell to the rise of the Jacksonian Period. Lead by Andrew Jackson during the election of 184, he was a self-assured aristorcrat. Commonly described as having the ideals of a man of the frontier, you can assume he didnt have the best ideas for the savages that blocked his way to the Pacific. During the Industrial Revolution, the Cotton Kingdom had grown immense in the south and with the advent of the Cotton Gin, capable of separating seed from pure, fine cotton, Americans needed the lands east of the Mississippi. Jackson acted swiftly, and mercilessly, propsing the relocation of the Southeastern Indians. This Indian Removal Act was passed in 180 and it called for the Native Americans to move to public lands beyond the Mississippi. In the words of the hisotrian Robert Remini, the law was harsh, arrogant,racist- and inevitable (Textbook 1). These three events in Native American history are just three trageties of many. They were forced against their will to undergo all different forms of abuse and are still a commonly misunderstood race of human beings. From the bondage of the Spanish colonization to the first encounter with the English to the forceful movement under the Jacksonian Era, the plight of the Native Americans is a story to be felt by all.

The legend of a long-lost white brother, a bearded white or alien god who would return one day from the East or South, was prevalent moung many Indian tribes of preColumbian Merica and especially among those tribes living in what is now the American Southwest, Mexico and central America (Locke 1). This common belief in a white male fueled mass hysteria during the coming of the Spanish for Native Americans. They honestly believed that a white man would come from a forien land to regain his control over the Americas, and the Native Americans were without a doubt correct. On October Twelveth, 14 at two a.m., the new world is sighted by Rodrigo de Triana, thus beginning the legacy of power struggle for the Americas. Upon his first encounters with the natives, he believed them to be savages and set the standard for countless generations of racism and bias against them. He wrote a letter to his officials in Spain, Ferdinan and Isabella saying they would make good servants s and would benefit from Christianity. (Kehoe 177)

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