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Setting the Record Straight on Sharks

By Britta Jahn

Deutsche Welle

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In this article, scientists and researchers set the record straight on sharks. They aren’t the mindless killing machines that Hollywood has made them out to be. In fact, we aren’t even on their menu of food items. They don’t even like confrontations with humans and rather avoid us all together. We are the ones who are doing the hurting to them. We invade their home and kill them for their fins. Three main reasons why the shark population is decreasing is over-fishing, disputed fishing methods using long lining, and shark hunting for sport. The use of long lining is the primary source of shark population decline. This technique of fishing involves a long line with many baited hooks attached. It is meant to catch tuna and swordfish. The down side is that the sharks see the free meal and take it they get caught and drown. Since the lines aren’t meant to catch sharks, the fishermen just throw them back. Now we are trying to protect the sharks instead of trying to hurt them. People are being educated about how these magnificent creatures are misunderstood. Without the shark the ocean would go into mass chaos. The shark is at the top of the food chain in the ocean. Without them to keep the other creature populations in check, other species of marine life would over populate the sea. Everything in the ocean ecosystem is some how connected in some way. If one disappears then they all would suffer, even us.

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