Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Abortion debate

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Mr. Chairman, Honorable Judges, Worthy Opponents, and Fellow Students,

This afternoon we, the affirmative team, are going to convince you that abortion should be pro-choice. Before I present my arguments I want to define the topic, which we are debating today. Abortion is categorized as murder, when in fact it scientifically is not. There is not one religion in the world that specifically defines abortion as wrong. Abortion should be legalized because of rape victims and their unwanted baby. Also, because of overpopulation, unnecessary births, much less unwanted, should not take place.

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The act of Abortion is often labeled as murder, when it is truthfully not. The term “murder” is far away from the meaning of the essential process of abortion. The definition of murder is the unlawful killing of one human by another human. The definition of a human is a distinct entity living independently as a whole. A baby is dependant on the mother while in the womb, so it is not a human, declaring this course of action is not murder.

Abortion should be legalized for rape victims and their unwanted babies. A victim of rape should not have to go through the pain and suffering of having a baby that they did not choose to have. If abortion were authorized then these victims would have a choice, rather then having to bear with an unasked for child. These women would be able to go on with their lives with the knowing that they do not have to support a baby.

To conclude my debate, when the word abortion comes to mind, a person should not think of bad or evil. A person should think of Choice and Diversity, because Abortion is not murder, against religion, and it should be Pro-choice. My colleagues and I have shown you that Abortion is first not murder, second not a sin, and last it should be an alternative. We ask you to consider the arguments carefully and we are sure that you will agree with us, that Abortion should be Pro-Choice.

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