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Christianity Since 1901 in Australia

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Christianity’s influence in Australia on education and medical care since 101 can be seen throughout all denominations. Religious motivation to teach from a Christian perspective, with Christian values about God, has resulted in a significantly large proportion of Australian children educated under the Catholic Church. Christian schools has impart on many sectors such as employment of staff and the general education of children. Christian influence on Medical care has support the Australian outback and provided care for the needy. The support provided by people such as Reverend John Flynn and nuns in Sisters of Charity shape the Australia we see today.

The impact of Christian education in Australia affects both the public and private sectors. The most influential part of education which Christianity is involved with is primary and secondary schools. Most non-government schools are sponsored by Christian organisations and parishes. These Christian schools are setup by early European priest and nuns settling in Australia. These include ‘The Good Samaritan Sisters’, ‘Sisters of St Joseph’ and ‘Christian Brothers’.

State aid was a major issue during 16, where the Australian government witnessed the importance of Christian schools to Australia. The closure of four Goulburn Catholic schools saw over two thousand children trying to enrol into the local government schools. About one-third were accommodated as there were not enough room in the public schooling system and so the government finally realised the importance of Christian schools. Renewing state aid for Christian schools, the government in turn was relieved of the pressure of placing more public schools.

The Catholic schooling system is responsible for the majority of Christian schools in Australia. In 000, 164 Catholic schools educated 648,000 students (0% of Australian students). The majority of Catholic primary schools are owned by parishes. The Catholic Education Office (CEO) developed to support the principals and teachers, but also to coordinate religious studies. It is also in charge of allocating funding provided by state government and private resources.

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The formation of separate leadership body within Catholic schooling system enables collective pressure and power to be applied on the government, allowing them to influence the structure of education. Christian schools generally have lower school fees compare to other independent schools. Hence Christian schools aid the less fortunate and lower income families to be educated, relieving their financial pressures.

Today, around 8% of teachers in Christian schools are lay people. This shows the shift from times when in 101 the Church was wholly responsible for the running of schools with teaching jobs occupied by religious sisters and brothers. Apart from demonstrating the decreased number of people devoting themselves entirely to the Church, the number of lay teachers also indicate how Christian education impacts on the employment of teachers, allowing a wider choice of employment.

Although there is a separation between the church and the state, the reliance of the government on the vast number of Christian services to relieve financial pressure as well as meeting the demands of the citizens means that these organisations maintain a large amount of power over the government. Many Christian services receive funding in exchange for providing service, while complying with government set legislation and guidelines. But these Christian organisations can also threaten the government for changes as the government rely so heavily on them. Hence Christian schools have a great influence on both the government and the Australian society since 101.

The difference between bush and city is the basic services for life, limb and spirit. From the words of Reverend John Flynn, who is one of the most influential Christian people who developed visions and traced dreams to extend a helping hand to the Australian outback. John Flynn was a strong Presbyterian believer. His Christian heart was always ecumenical, seeking for world-wide Christian unity. His missionary works in outback Australia had never deliberately interfere with other denominations or variants but only of respect. Flynn’s work in the outback not only aided the needy but also encouraged people to listen to the words of God.

In 11 Flynn established the Australian Inland Mission (AIM). Designed to make Christ known throughout Australia, while providing a safety blanket of medical health across half the continent, the AIM group helped in establishing hospitals and missionaries inland. With camel and horse patrols to those who lived solitude in the outback, not only did Flynn provide medical aid but also Sunday services, which were well attended as many people accepted him with a growing sense of community.

The Aerial Medical Service was established by Flynn in 18 to solve the problems of transporting medical care to inland Australia, attend urgent cases, render first aid, transport patients to hospitals, give radio medical advice, fly a clinic to areas without doctors and consult with isolated local doctors. Eventually Flynn separated AIM and Aerial Medical Service in 1, making the Aerial service independent with no association of religion. The Aerial Medical Service is now known as ‘The Royal Flying Doctor Service’ since 141.

Flynn’s vision for the AIM was for their service to cover the entire outback. While AIM was a form of Christian outreach, Flynn wanted the service to benefit the whole nation, not just the Christian community. AIM since 177 was renamed to Frontier Services, controlled by the Uniting Church.

The Australian society will never have flourished to what it is today without the help of the Christian community during the early 100s. The Christian education shaped the generations at the time and continues to do so even today. The works of Reverend John Flynn helped in expanding the Australian society inland, providing medical care throughout Australia and spread the word of God at the same time. Hence without the influence of the Catholic community, Australia would not be what it is today.

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