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Claudius and Hamlet the Broken Essay

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The renewal of the drinking custom may expose a positive side of Claudius reign. This fits Knights observation that Claudius is a good and gentle king (Jump, 15). Claudius is a skilled diplomat who seems to be well liked by his people. His diplomatic skills can be seen in his good relationship with the king of England. They are on such close terms that the British king is willing to host Hamlet for a recovery period. Claudius also demonstrates his skills through his dealings with Cornelius and Voltimand. He wisely advises them to go to Norway to negotiate peace with Fortinbras. This is in sharp contrast to Old Hamlet who plunged Denamrk into war with Norway. The people are also rather fond of Norway. Their fondness of Claudius is indicated through the actions of Rosencratz and Guildenstern. Claudius employs them to find the cause of Hamlets antic disposition. This shows how Claudius is truly concerned with his step-sons well being. Rosencratz and Guildenstern take an immediate liking to Claudius, and they are give up [themselves] in the full bent,/ To lay [their] services freely at [his] feet (II, ii, 0-1). This is a clear illustration of how Claudius subject support him. Another indication of the peoples support of Claudius is that he was elected by the people to become king. Hamlet was the heir apparent, but Claudius was elected by the people. This might be an indication that the people desired a change in the way that the country was governed, so they elected Claudius instead of Old Hamlets son. Old Hamlet was also stuck in purgatory, and he was unable to go to heaven till the foul crimes done in m days of nature/ are burnt and purgd away (I, iv, 1-1). This indicates that Old Hamlet may not have been as pure as the reader is led to believe, and perhaps Claudius truly was the better king.

Not only is Claudius unable to repent, but throughout the play he is extremely manipulative of many of the other characters. When Laertes challenges that Claudius is responsible for the madness of his sister and the death of his father, Claudius deftly avoids the situation, and he forms an alliance with Laertes. Claudius suggests that Laertes uses, A sword unbated, and, in a pass of practice/ Requite [Hamlet] for your father (IV, vii, 17-18). Cladius further thickens the plot by adding that he will prepare a chalice for the nonce, where on but sipping/ If he by chance escapes [Laertes] venomd stuck,/ [their] purpose may hold there (IV, vii, 15-161). Claudius engineers this vicious plot, and it results in the death of Laertes, Hamlet, and Gertrude. During his reign the kind and gentle King concocted a plot which resulted in the death of three members of the Danish royalty, he murdered his brother, the former King of Denmark, and entered into an incestuous relationship with his brothers wife.

“The Murder of Gonzago” is the big revelation scene in the play. This play-within-the-play is “the” social event at the castle in Denmark since the wedding of Gertrude and Claudius. Mainly because Hamlet had been so miserable and completely “mad” with grief and loss, and still he set-up this event. The royal couple takes this as a possible sign that Hamlet is returning to his normal self. Hamlet’s wanting to have the play performed was to find out whether Claudius

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