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Remember when you believed that you could change the world? Remember when you recognized your purpose in life? Where are those dreams and aspirations of youth now? Many people in life often doubt their own abilities to achieving their goals and dreams in life, therefore foregoing this invaluable opportunity to excel spiritually and emotionally. Veronika Decides To Die speaks of the realization that every second of existence is a choice we all make between living and dying. The Alchemist delineates the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts and learning to read the omens strewn along life’s path, and above all, following our dreams. Everybody desires to achieve a goal in life whether it is to travel around the world or to be somebody prominent and successful. We all yearn for a sense of fulfilment, and grasp the contentment and blissfulness that life has to offer. These books recapitulate the consequences of the omission to perceive life from a different aspect.

In Veronika Decides To Die, Paulo Coelho tells of a compelling story of woman’s struggle with life and her intentions of ending it

She was even happier that she would not have to go on seeing those same things

for another thirty, forty or fifty years, because they would lose all their originality

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and be transformed into the tragedy of a life in which everything repeats itself

and where one day is exactly like another. ()

Veronika is unable to pursue her dreams because she was mortified by the reality that there is no more hope for the future. Even though Veronika had a steady job in which secured her life, she was miserable because she was not passionate about her work. We live in an economy where we dont have to tolerate jobs we loathe. For the most part, we get to choose our destiny. However, that choice isnt about a job search so much as an identity quest. Just like Veronika, many of us are blinded by that discernment therefore they feel impaired even though they encompass tremendous ability, multiple talents and infinite choice of jobs. There are too many smart, educated, talented people operating in jobs they are just tolerating but at the end of the day, it is our decision to choose what we would like to devote our lives to in order to live our dreams. Many amongst society today, have put their dreams in a protected box so they could go out an make a ton of money to support the luxurious house, the fancy car, the private schools, et cetera. The unfortunate predicament of following this path is that they become emotionally invested in their own world that do not really want to forsake it by opening up the box and letting their dream surface. Santiago, as the main character of The Alchemist displays his courage to refrain from all materialistic possessions in order to pursue his aspirations to find the treasure. “His parents wanted him to become a priest and thereby a source of pride for a simple family but Santiago had always wanted to know more about the world and this was much more important to him than knowing God and learning about man’s sins.” (Coelho 8)

Fear of failure seems to be the greatest obstacle to happiness. As the old crystal-seller in The Alchemist tragically confesses I am afraid that great disappointment awaits me, and so I prefer to dream (Coelho 17). This is where Coelho really captures the drama of a man, who sacrifices fulfillment to conformity, who knows he can achieve greatness but denies to do so, and ends up living a life of void. The shortest route to living the good life involves building the confidence that you can live happily within your means. Sure, it is daunting to imagine living in inadequacy but embracing your dream is surprisingly liberating. Once you have explored your sense of purpose, your spending habits naturally reorganize because you discover that you need less as well.

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