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Evolution has caused many arguments in the past. Some believe in the theory of evolution and some believe the God or higher power of the religion they worship created them. I don’t believe that God put us on Earth the way we are. I think we evolved over millions and millions of years to have become as smart and advanced as we are now.

Close to 0,000 responses were submitted to a poll in January of 00. The title of the poll was ‘What do you think of the evidence regarding the evolution theory?’ 56% said the evidence is so strong that the theory is beyond doubt. 8% said the evidence is not strong enough to support the theory. 16% didn’t agree with either of the above. I personally agree with the people who believe in evolution. I think we evolved over millions of years. I think we started out really dumb like apes and grew smarter as we evolved. There are fossils found from up to 6 million years ago of a human called a hominid. In 1 discoverers found a jawbone and pieces of a skull almost 4 million years old from a mandible. In 174 a skeleton was found. Scientists named this fossil Lucy. It was the most in tact fossil ever found of a human that old. It was about . million years old. I consider fossils like this evidence of evolution. These bone structures are almost exactly like ours and that is enough evidence for me to believe in evolution. evolution is awesome, awesome i say awesome. this essay is good and gotr me a good grade up unill the part about having enoug evidence, i just needed to make this longer for the entry to find free essays so they would except it.

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