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Ideal Political State

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Is there an ideal political state in terms of geography? Realistically, the answer is probably no. But using bits and pieces of current political states, one can put together an almost near perfect country, with specific qualities and characteristics. From a Human Geographer’s standpoint, there are several nations, states, and nation-states within the world which have one specific, or a few characteristics which make it geographically sound. The following will briefly discuss five different countries within the world, which have exceptional qualities in natural resources, land features, religion, health care, and economy, all key contributors to determining a great state from another.

The United States emerged as a world superpower along with Russia following

World War II (CIA Factbook). Although Russia has struggled lately to maintain a

dominance within the world, the United States has plowed through all adversities to

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maintain its dominance of the Western Hemisphere, economically (CIA Factbook). To

achieve great economic superiority can not be achieved without an abundance of natural resources. The United States has home access to coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc, petroleum, natural gas, and timber, more natural resources than any other country in the world (Bryan 1). With an abundance of natural resources, the demand for them lessens on part of who has them, and the owner saves a great deal of money. The owner also


makes a great deal of money because of the high demand in the world for natural resources to conduct everyday life. The United States also happens to be the largest exporter in the world with about $750 billion a year (Bryan 1).

Most would think that the United States is the most economy efficient country in the world, but that fact is not so. Luxembourg edges out the United States with a GDP, or Gross Domestic Product of $6,400, edging the US by a mere $00 (Burroughs 7). Luxembourg, is a tiny country sandwiched between Germany, Belgium, and France with a skim ,586 sq km area, which is comparatively smaller than Rhode Island (CIA Factbook). Despite the country’s small size, it does best with what it has, and provides crucial services and goods to other countries, a very efficient way to gain wealth. Luxembourg essentially supplies food to all of its residents (.1%), the most of any state in the world (Navarro 8). Also, Luxembourg owns the third smallest unemployment rate (7. % employed), and has very low inflation over time (Navarro 0). All these factors serve as reasons why Luxembourg sits atop the world as the most money efficient country.

Health care is a priority in any country mostly in part that the human body can not always repair itself to the needs today and that without appropriate health care, humans would cease to exist. The state of France ranks highest in the world with the best available health care to its citizens (Burroughs 45). According to the World Health Organization, France ranked highest among all five of its criteria (Burroughs 45). The first being the overall level of health in the population, health inequalities within the population, health system responsiveness and patient satisfaction, and distribution of


financial burden (Burroughs 46). The most amazing fact with Frances dominance in health care is that its economy suffers little with the efficient health care offered by the country (Burroughs 46). The country’s health care is so great that several of the citizens of Andorra, a small neighboring country, travel to France for the optimum health care (Bryan 11). France’s service is so influential that Andorra’s average life expectancy has risen over 50% over the past ten years and ranks the highest in the world with 8.5 years (Bryan 11).

Religion plays a big part in the cooperation and alliance of a group of people in the world today. Many conflicts between states have some, or a lot of religious purpose or influence. In an ideal state, a unified religion would most likely have a unified group of people. The only country in the world to have a unified religion of which all of its citizens believe in is Maldives (Bryan 14). All people who live in this country are 100% Sunni Muslim (Bryan 14). Maldives happens to have the 5th lowest crime rate in the world, and owns some of the strictest sentences for crime, anywhere (Burroughs 64). Crime and conflict are a rarity in this country and would make it perhaps the most manageable political state in the world on terms of human cooperation, and unity.

In terms of physical geography an ideal political state would be a compact state, not too large, yet not too small. Also, its capital would be located it the center of the country’s outlying borders and also it would have access to waterways as well as access to neighboring masses of land. Spain is probably the most near perfect state in the world which has several important geographic features that help it function as a cohesive unit. Its land area is not too large, about only twice the size of Oregon, which does not make it

Goldsmith 4

too large to defend and manage (CIA Factbook). The countries capital, Madrid, is located just mere degrees from the true center of the country (Burroughs 76). What sets Spain’s geographic soundness above every other country is its unique access to the continent of Africa. The Strait of Gibraltar, located at the southern tip of the country is a virtual connector between Europe and Africa and is a very crucial trade route for many European countries as well as African (CIA Factbook). Spain also has access to two major bodies of water, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean, waterways which serve as major trade routes, and military tactic routes (CIA Factbook).

The five countries the United States, Luxembourg, France, Maldives, and Spain all have their own special characteristics which set them apart from your average and below average countries of the Earth. An ideal political state would contain many of the qualities that each of these states nations exemplify. If one were to piece together a country with each of the characteristics described previously, an almost outright Utopia would be created with the best political, economic and human strength as its makeup.

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