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Fire in Paradise

Kashmir the paradise…

Kashmir Controversy Lately, in the national news, Kashmir has been the hot topic. The intense religious, political, geographical, and economical debates have been heard all over the world, and yet, there has been no conclusion to this war between Pakistan and India. As an Indian myself, it is almost impossible to be unbiased in any kind of analysis of the subject, so I will not attempt to be impartial. There is a truth behind the Kashmir story, and the Indians and the Pakistanis must understand it. There are real people involved in this governmental affair, and being such an affair, one must realize that it is time to stop the killing and resolve this century-old war between the Muslims and the Hindus. Kashmir was once a tourists’ paradise. The land has been known for centuries as the greenest and most temperate spot in the Himalayas. A land so beautiful, one could not even picture it in their dreams. Clear blue lakes reflect the snow-capped mountains, and lush forests of fir, pine, and spruce lining the rivers. The land was once the summer vacation spot for the British rajas as well as the wealthy Indians who wanted to escape the heat of the intense summers of India. However beautiful Kashmir is, the land is valued more than for it natural beauty but is considered to be a crown with priceless jewels. Kashmir is not a place to decide the superiority of religion but it is filled with people who want to have a peaceful life. Kashmir did go through so many bad memories but still remain a paradise so it should be left that way, in India.

Kashmir’s history can be traced back as early as the second century when it was part of the Kushan Empire under control of Kanishka, and later part of China. After years of Buddhist and Hindu rule, Kashmir was converted to Islam in the late 14th century and became part of the Mogul Empire in 1586. The British installed a Hindu prince as ruler in 1846. The Muslim and Hindu peoples of Kashmir have lived in relative harmony and friendliness since the 1th century when Islam first became the majority religion of Kashmir. Occasionally however, there have been rulers and leaders who have had a narrow view of Islam, and have subjected Hindu minorities to great cruelties and discrimination. The current armed secessionist movement in Kashmir mostly derives inspiration from these people.

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The root causes of the Kashmir problem are to be found in the events leading to the partition of the Indian subcontinent and the ideological perspectives of the All-India Muslim League (AIML) and the Indian National Congress (INC). The AIML stood for Muslim separation and the creation of a Muslim homeland while INC stood for the Hindu separation and the creation of Hindu homeland. During the British rule on South Asia, Kashmir was a large province having a majority of Muslim population. Kashmir also included a Hindu district named as Jammu in its territory. Due to the difference in religion, culture, social life, customs and opposite traditions and believes it was very hard to mix the both religions. At the time of partition, Kashmir had being ruled by a Hindu Maharaja (King) who was sharing Kashmir as a l

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