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kate chopin, a pair of silk stockings

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A Pair of Silk Stockings took place in France during the 1800s. The story illustrates a single widowed woman struggling to survive in society, in which, women were perceived to be less capable than their male counterparts and therefore could not attain the social status or financial independence of man.

At the beginning, we can already see that upon receiving the unexpected fifteen dollars. Mrs. Sommers feels that it is substantial amount of money. The author stated that, “For a day or two she walked about apparently in a dreamy state, but really absorbed in speculation and calculation.” to show her responsibility to her children and her proper use of the money, because she did not want “to do anything that she might afterward regret.” The quote is also foreshadowing about what Mrs. Sommers would do. She then contemplates on how to spend the money in the most effective way possible.

First, she thinks of purchasing new shoes and clothing for her children with the surplus funds. However, she gives in to temptation and indeed indulges herself by purchasing luxury items such as silk hosiery and a gourmet meal. This type of impulsive action can be easily understand as the neighbors sometimes mention of “the ‘betters days’ that Mrs. Sommers had known before she had ever thought of being Mrs. Sommers.” The quotation indicates that she used to enjoy a much more luxurious lifestyle before she married. She has the education and status to let her appreciate quality and taste. She misses the ownership of luxury life that she had. When she accidentally rests her hand upon the counter, her hand felt something, which is a pair of silk stocking, “very soothing, very pleasant to touch.” The author uses sympathetic narration to reveal the inner feeling of the characters such as “How good was the touch of the raw silk to her flesh!” The quotation illustrates Mrs. Sommers is not thinking at all which means her temptation is over her conscience mind. She didn’t even need to think about what she was doing and just blindly bought whatever she liked.

In the end, at the theatre “many others were there solely for the play and acting.” The quotation states watching show in 1800s is an expensive and high quality event. “The ‘gaudy’ women next to Mrs. Sommers wept over the tragedy and they talked a little together over it”. This states an extreme difference between Mrs. Sommers and the rich women. The rich women just go shopping, enjoy gourmet meals and watch shows, whereas Mrs. Sommers have to take care of her children, worry about their meals and money. She used to have this luxury life.

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In conclusion, we can understand the actions of Mrs. Sommers because of the hard ship she must have experienced during that time. This is result of the fact that Mrs. Sommers is a widow supporting her children. The fact that men couldn’t see women having equal rights and abilities during the 1800s and also highlighted the lack of occupations that allows women to earn a decent income. The story illustrates the tough economic times experienced by women during the 1800s and the low social status that women held in society.

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