Monday, October 10, 2011

the last human

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the cat has gone to sleep and is now road kill. it is illegal to give cats lit cigars in mexico. it is also illegal to eat road kill in mexico.

Mohundas K Gandhi wares a nappie.

blue is a colour.

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Cannibulism is a lickibul offence in the state of Tazmania.

Im one of those people who loves vintage clothes, ever since I was 15 and could choose what I wanted to wear - and I liked the 150s when I was that age. Not the music, I was never into the music, but the clothes. I bleached my hair blonde, had 50s make-up, and people just started to say to me that I looked similar to Marilyn Monroe.

I didnt have any ambitions to be a model, or in the entertainment business at all. Id never really heard of look-alikes, so it never crossed my mind that I could do it for a living, but it just went on and on. Then someone told me about an agency and said that I should contact them. They took me on and I just started to get work from them straight away!

As someone who never wanted to perform didnt this give you terrible stage fright?

I have to speak like her - and I sing like her as well - and thats fine, but it was very hard for me because I wasnt stage-struck. The singing was a terrifying thing, but it became a necessity - I was asked to [do it]. It was really frightening - I was sick the first time I did it! (Laughs) I still get more nervous when I sing than anything else.

Mr Flibble offered Pauline a wing to cuddle when she got nervous. Thankfully she declined. Did you enjoy doing MELTDOWN?

I remember that so well. I really, really loved it. We were waxdroids. Thats what I liked about it, we werent look-alikes, we were robots of them. That was a great idea - because youre being a character, but not really. I found that really interesting. I was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, with my gold dress on, and they gave me DMs - running around in this field with my gold dress on firing a machine gun! (Laughs)

It was one of the first things I ever did. The thing with being a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, unfortunately, is that you get asked to do the same things over and over - stand on a wind machine. (Sighs) I like the idea of being dressed as her, but doing something she wouldnt do, something different.

I had to fire a machine gun, which Id never done in my life, and we had to be shown how to shoot them - making sure our hands werent where the capsules came out. Apparently our hands could have been blown off! Theres a bit when I run on and scream, and thats a scream of fear. (Laughs) I was so terrified of this gun. And I got killed!

How did you find working among all the EFFECTS?

That was absolutely terrifying. The bit where the fight was going

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