Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my experience at gateway

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My Experience at Gateway

My experiences at Gateway have not been necessarily good ones, but are valid lessons for life. Certain experiences gave me different impressions on life and people, from not being told the whole truth to being forced into classes that I don’t need. It shows me how people do for themselves and really don’t care about my well being. Yes Gateway has given me some good aspects toward life, but has provided them through cruel and harsh methods. I have taken all the negativity, hardships and turned them into being a more positive and doing for myself human being. So I guess Gateway has helped me to help myself.

My first impression of Gateway was “wow, this is a small school, less fights, and smaller classes leading to better educational productivity. I felt Gateway would prepare me for college life, but has actually scared me into believing college is harder then it really is. I have been consumed with education, education and now lack the knowledge of the “real world”. I feel that education was the sole purpose of Gateway. I understand the fact that this is school and we are required to learn but we lack services to help hurting students. A really big issue is the lack of after school programs, even when I began to enjoy after school gym it was eventually turned into workshops. It seems everything has to be taught by a teacher instead of being learned by our own individual actions.

Dealing with attitude filled faculty has caused me to be harsh and demand things instead of asking for them. I take these negative interactions and turn it into knowing how to deal with one-minded people (I guess I can use that in the real world). There are a few good teachers that feel for their students and I appreciate them. I have encountered statements such as “I have my degree already” or “I graduated high school already I don’t need this “which has discouraged me into believing that they care for me.

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I can honestly say I have not enjoyed my four years of high school. I can’t wait until I graduate and move on from the mistake I made by choosing to come here. I guess Gateway has pushed me to the point where I want to move away from my childhood and get my adult life rolling. I thank Gateway for making me a harsh, cold- hearted person, hey! I may get somewhere in life with this training…………..

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