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Odyssey Outline

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Odysseus stranded on Calypso’s island.

Telemachus and Penelope think he is dead, as well as all of Penelope’s suitors.

Penelope’s suitors are eating Telemachus and Penelope out of house and home.

Athena visits Telemachus, hints that Odysseus is still alive, and Telemachus warns the suitors to leave, and then goes to visit Nestor and Menelaus.

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Nestor and Menelaus tell Telemachus what happened to the other leaders at Troy, and that Odysseus is still alive, but held captive on an island.

Suitors plan to kill Telemachus on the way back, but Athena warns Telemachus who escapes it.

During this time, Calypso finally consents to release Odysseus, who builds a raft and sets off. A few days later, a nasty storm hits, and the raft is destroyed, Odysseus is only barely able to swim to the island of the Phaecians.

On the island Odysseus tells the tale of his Odyssey, which is as follows

The lotus-eaters, men put into daze

Cyclopes, Polyphemus, blinded “No-man” escapes

Island of Aeolus, windbag, driven back to island

Laestrygonians, all ships but Odysseus’s destroyed

Circe, Odysseus’s men changed into pigs. Odysseus gets moly from Hermes, and is unaffected by her sorcery.

Sirens, men plug ears with wax, Odysseus tied to mast.

Scylla and Charybdis, the snake and the chasm, Odysseus loses 6 men to Scylla.

Cattle of the sun eaten by his men, their destruction ensured.

Ship destroyed in storm, all but Odysseus perish who is washed up onto Calypso’s island.

After his tale, Odysseus is given a ship ride back to Ithaca, where he takes shelter, unrecognized, in his head swineherd’s hut, from who he learns the state of things at his household.

Meanwhile Telemachus returns from his travels, and goes to visit the swineherd, and while the swineherd is temporarily absent, Odysseus reveals himself to his son, and they plan their next move.

Odysseus resumes his disguise, and goes into the city disguised as a beggar, goes to his house and is mistreated by the suitors.

Finally Penelope decides that she must choose a suitor, but the lucky one must string Odysseus’s bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axes. None of the suitors are able to do it, and presently the bow comes to Odysseus and he, of course is able to. Odysseus, Telemachus, and two of his loyal servants then kill all of the suitors.

The next day peace is made between the families of the suitors and Odysseus.

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