Saturday, October 15, 2011

Prompt Copy

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“We interrupt this training segment to bring you an important news update”. “Today an unidentified man was seen walking mysteriously around in circles then disappearing.The police responded and sent a car to investigate, the man had appeared on top of the Oprah House. People flocked to the Oprah House to catch a glimpse at the freak. The police erected barricades and moved the crowd back. The crowd grew hostile and began to boo. It was at that time that senior Sergeant Ben Dover approached the man and attempted to make contact. There was a tiara and Santa-clause suit on the man, the atmosphere was electric it was so quiet, you could here a pin drop. Smithy, as he is known to his colleagues hurled a Frisbee at the man, there was an eerie silence. Such a disappointment, the Frisbee hit the man in the head and he fell off the Oprah House. People began to whisper to themselves. This called for drastic action, Smithy picked up a couple of glasses from the pub and threw them at the man whilst he was falling, again there was an eerie silence as you could hear a pin drop. Smithy called for a helicopter, something was happening, he danced back to the safety of the crowd. The crowd was so impressed that they rewarded him with a round of applause. Suddenly the man reappeared, the crowd anticipating contact, held their breath. The man started speaking a foreign language. As fast as he appeared the man disappeared and his tiara fell to the ground.Without a warning a serious of explosions enveloped the crowd.“So there you have it. We will endeavor to keep you informed of any updates. Till then, it’s back to your regular training. ____Standby Audio____Audio GO____Audio Finish____Standby Audio____Audio GO 1.Sitting Down With a piece of paper in hands.. . Man ENT4. Push and shove in a hustle.5. Push crowd in Stern deep voice.6. LOUD7. Not a sound. Man scratches head, 8. Makes a heaving noise as he throws.. Loud scream from man as he falls.10. Loud smashes of glass. Then Silence11. Loud Chopper noises.1. Applause from all.1. Deep draw of breath from crowd.14. In Gibberish.15. BANG, BOOM16. Folds paper up while talking.

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